30 December 2011

Reflections on 2011

With New Year's eve almost at our doorstep, it might be a good idea to take a moment to comtemplate on the year that is about to pass.  How has it been for you?  Successful, bringing in all your heart's desire and more ... a disaster, resulting in your very existence crumbling into oblivion ... or something resembling a roller coaster ride offering many peaks and troughs, successes and challenges?  Regardless of how much of a handball life throws at me, there is something that I tend to keep in mind and that is ..

Whilst I may not have control over all events in my life,
I DO have control over how I react to them.

23 December 2011

Invocation to Ra

With the Sun at its peak here in the Southern Hemisphere, the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, comes to mind.  By the 5th Dynasty, Ra was identified as a major deity, primarily associated with the midday sun but over time, he became to represent the Sun at all times during the day.

22 December 2011

Basking in the Ritual After Glow

Last night the Temple's Inner Court, together with friends and potential Outer Court students, gathered at the covenstead to acknowledge the Summer Solstice, the time of the year when the God, in his guise as Solar King, is at his strongest, having reached the peak of his power.  In honouring his beauty and brilliance, we also acknowledge that the Goddess is revealing her wonderful bounty all around us.

For our part, we can harnness this abundant energy and put it towards our own hopes and dreams, visions and desires that we have been carefully nurturing since the seeds were initially planted almost half a turn of the sacred Wheel ago, at Imbolc, the commencement of Spring.

17 December 2011

Making the most of Mid Summer

With the South Pole of the Earth now tilted towards the sun, those of us residing south of the equator are approaching Mid Summer, the Summer Solstice, the time of when the hours of light are greatest.  However as I write, this, I am listening to the rain on my roof and thunder rolling across the sky.  But that is okay, the garden is greatful in receiving whatever rain is about at this time of the year as fruit and vegetables approach being ready to harvest.  I have also checked the long range forecast which assures me that the storms will have passed and it will in fact be a pleasant evening for when we celebrate the Summer Solstice in our sacred circle.

09 December 2011

The Wisdom of Surrender

A deep feeling of gratitude can emerge
as we open to the experience of being helped.

Most of us pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency. We like to be responsible for taking care of ourselves and pulling our own weight in the world. This is why it can be so challenging when we find ourselves in a situation in which we have to rely on someone else. This can happen as the result of an illness or an injury, or even in the case of a positive change, such as the arrival of a newborn.

At times like these, it is essential that we let go of our feeling that we should be able to do it all by ourselves and accept the help of others. 

02 December 2011

Advanced training in magick, Wicca and the Craft

Often I am asked about the training structure within the Temple of the Dark Moon.  So, as applications are currently being considered for the 2012 Outer Court intake, it seems an appropriate time to briefly talk about this.

All training that occurs within the Temple of the Dark Moon is undertaken depending on time constraints and possible vacancies within the Temple's two circles - these being the Inner Court (that is a closed circle consisting of dedicants and initiates only) as well as the Outer Court (that consists of students undertaking training with the overall view of gaining access into the Inner Court.

01 December 2011

The Power of Language

At this time of the year, I find it interesting how many people who confess that they are Pagans throughout the year start becoming "Christianised" and celebrate Christmas.  The reasoning behind this personally escapes me as being a Pagan, the only festival I acknowledge is the upcoming Solstice, and being in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Summer Solstice, unlike my northern counterparts who will soon be celebrating the Winter Solstice, or Yule.

27 November 2011

Connection with the Divine

Performing a Hindu puja ritual is a wonderful way to experience
direct communication with the divine.

Forging a spiritual connection with the divine is the ultimate goal of many forms of worship. In our devotions, we transcend the limitations of our humanity using prayers, rituals, and invocations, or we seek the celestial in sacred items such as statuary, imagery, or natural objects. In the Hindu tradition, worshipers bond with the divine through the puja ritual. The purpose of the ritual is to create an atmosphere in which humans and spiritual beings can enjoy communion with one another.

Though participants show reverence for their chosen deities, puja serves to bring the former and the latter together on an energetic level. Performing a puja ritual is thus a wonderful way to experience direct communication with the divine.

25 November 2011

International White Ribbon Day

In 1991, a group of Canadian men initiated a White Ribbon campaign to recognise the anniversary of the deaths of 14 Canadian women massacred by a gunman in Montreal two years prior. Wearing a white ribbon was a public pledge by these men to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.

Since that time, the White Ribbon campaign has spread to countries on every continent. It is now the largest organised worldwide event condemning violence against women. Each year, November 25 marks both the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and White Ribbon Day.

23 November 2011

Perceiving the Infinite - Using Your Psychic Gifts

People often have difficulty accepting tha
they have been blessed with psychic abilities.

Psychic experiences are a natural part of our everyday lives. People often have difficulty accepting that they have been blessed with psychic abilities because without a frame of reference it is almost impossible to identify an extrasensory experience and to distinguish psychic sights, sounds, and sensations from the projects of the unconscious mind. To some extent, every human being on the planet is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, although most people discover that they are naturally adept at one more than the others.

20 November 2011

The Ripple Effect of a Virtuous Cycle

Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread as they move outward.

In a world of six billion people, it is easy to believe that the only way to initiate profound transformation is to take extreme action. Each of us, however, carries within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others. As the effect of a seemingly insignificant word passes from person to person, its impact grows and can become a source of great joy, inspiration, anxiety, or pain. Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters, causing ripples to spread and expand as they move outward.

10 November 2011

Remembrance Day

At 5.00 am on 11 November 1918, three German Government representatives accepted the Armistice terms presented to them by an allied commander, General Foch of the French Army. The demands of the Armistice included the withdrawal of German forces to the east bank of the Rhine within 30 days; immediate cessation of warfare; and surrender of the German fleet and all heavy guns with no further negotiations until the signing of the peace treaty.

The armistice became effective at 11:00 am the same day, and as the guns fell silent on the Western Front in France and Belgium, four years of hostilities ended.

Remembrance Day is observed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. To acknowledge this important anniversary an one minute's silence is held to remember the sacrifice made by all involved, the armed forces as well as civilians in time of war.

06 November 2011

Bealtaine - A Magickal Weekend

The first weekend in November this year was when the Temple of the Dark Moon had its annual Bealtaine magickal retreat in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Bealtaine is traditionally the time of the year that marked the opening of the Summer, and indeed with temperatures soring into the mid 30s  Celsius (about 92 Fahrenheit), Summer certainly felt as if it had arrived.  With recent rains, the surrounding grasslands seemed to be at an all time high.  However slashing had commenced in earnest with the approaching warmer months bringing with them the danger of bush fires.

25 October 2011

Belenos and Bealtaine

As the end of the month of October fast approaches, there is one thing on my mind and that is the sabbat of Bealtaine.  This festival, hearlding in the beginning of the Summer months, is based around an ancient Celtic festival that was associated with the sun.  It is often believed that the word "Bealtaine" means "bright fire," howevere medieval Irish glossators associated it with the God, Bel, who was considered to be a version of the ancient Celtic God of fire and light, Belenos.

23 October 2011

An Unwavering Connection to the Infinite

Your worth is not a product of your intelligence, your talent, your looks
or how much you have accomplished.

Though much of who and what we are changes as we journey through life, our inherent worth remains constant. While the term self-worth is often used interchangeably with self-esteem, the two qualities are inherently different. Self-esteem is the measure of how you feel about yourself at a given moment in time. Your worth, however, is not a product of your intelligence, your talent, your looks, your good works, or how much you have accomplished. Rather it is immeasurable and unchanging manifestation of your eternal and infinite oneness with the universe. It represents the cornerstone of the dual foundations of optimism and self-belief.

09 October 2011

Goddess Prayer Beads

Strings of beads are used in various religions and spiritual traditions as a way of counting when reciting a mantra, a prayer, or even blessings, with two examples being rosary beads (used within the Catholic faith) and mala beads (within Buddhism). The beads can also be used when giving thanks as well as assisting when aligning one's self with the Divine.
Goddess beads can be used in a similar way, with the colour of the beads being up to the individual. However, recently beads in honour of the Moon Goddess were made where the beads used reflected her triple nature of Maiden (white), Mother (red) and Crone (black), with 13 of each colour being used - representing the 13 months contained within a lunar year.

30 September 2011

Conscious Decisions - Going Against What Is Popular

Because an idea or way of doing things is popular
does not mean it is right for everyone.

Just because an idea or way of doing things is popular does not mean it is right for everyone. However, part of the way that something becomes popular is that many of us do not take the time to determine what’s right for us; we simply do what most of the people we know are doing. In this way, our decisions about life are made by default, which means they are not what we call conscious decisions. There may be many other options available, but we do not always take the time to explore them.

This may be the result of feeling overwhelmed or pressured by family, peers, and humanity at large, to do things their way, the way things have always been done.

Regardless of the cause, it is important that, as often as we can, we decide for ourselves what to do with our lives rather than just drift along on the current of popular opinion.

24 September 2011

Waves of Healing - Ocean Meditation

There is much we can learn from the ocean
as we have a similar inner landscape within us as well.

Delaware Beach, South Australia
Like us, the sea is ever-changing. And, like us, the earth’s vast oceans appear at a distance to be stable and homogenous. But beneath the mask of solidity that both we and the sea wear, there lies unpredictability, sensitivity, and power. There is much we can learn from the ocean, representative as it is of our inner landscapes.

The rough sounds of the sea’s waves are spiritually soothing, and its salt can purify our physical selves. Yet not everyone has the luxury of living by the shore or even visiting the coastlines where water and land meet. The ocean, however, exists in our conscious minds, put there by images we have seen and descriptions we have read. Wherever we are, we can access that mental image and use it as the starting point from which we can help to heal our emotions by meditating on the sea.

Keeping our Minds Supple - Questioning Everything

Being open-minded means that we are willing to question everything,
including those things we take for granted.

A lot of people feel threatened if they feel they are being asked to question their cherished beliefs or their perception of reality. Yet questioning is what keeps our minds supple and strong. Simply settling on one way of seeing things and refusing to be open to other possibilities makes the mind rigid and generally creates a restrictive and uncomfortable atmosphere. We all know someone who refuses to budge on one or more issues, and we may have our own sacred cows that could use a little prodding.

Being open-minded means that we are willing to question everything, including those things we take for granted.

23 September 2011

Spring Equinox, Ostara

Today, Ostara is one of the eight major holidays, sabbats or festivals of Wicca. It is celebrated on the Spring Equinox, which in the northern hemisphere is around the 20th or 21st of March and in the southern hemisphere around the 23rd of September. Its modern revival is linked to some of the oldest traditions of mankind.

03 September 2011

Understanding the Concept of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

One of the central phrases used within Wicca is the axiom of "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust".  The origins of this phase is believed to have come from the Rede of the Wiccae allegedly penned by Lady Gwen Thomson and published in 1975.  In the poem, we find the lines:

"Bide the Wiccan Laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust ..."

26 August 2011

The Mystical Phoenix

I thought I would share an article that I wrote for Insight magazine back in October 2005 about  the phoenix ...

"Like a phoenix from the flame, I will rise again …" so yelled Irish songstress Sinead O'Connor in the song "Troy" from her first album "The Lion and the Cobra".

The phoenix, a mystical bird most commonly believed to be of Arabic descent, is often described as being the size of an eagle, with a brilliant scarlet and golden plumage.  A popular medieval legend, which has been passed down to us today, states that after living for several centuries, the phoenix builds its own funeral pyre, and throws itself upon the flames to be burnt up.  Then, after a number of days, the phoenix emerges from the ashes (or flames, depending on the source of the legend).

25 August 2011

Affirming an Abundant Future

Squirrel medicine reminds us to set aside a portion of our most precious resources
as an investment in the future.

Native Americans considered all living beings as brothers and sisters that had much to teach including squirrels. These small creatures taught them to work in harmony with the cycles of nature by conserving for the winter months during times when food was plentiful.

23 August 2011

Prayer of Awaking

Feeling a bit stressed out? Something just isn't quite right but you can't seem to put your finger on it? Well, Imbolc has passed and we are now moving towards the Spring Equinox.  As we do so, the energies shift around again, it is little wonder that things are feel out of sorts.

As I am finding myself waking earlier (along with the sun and the birds nesting outside my bedroom window), in the early mornings hours while the world still seems very much asleep, I like to spend this time atuning with Deity.

20 August 2011

Keep pure your highest ideal

Within Traditional Wicca, there is the concept of acting with respect to one's "Highest Ideal" - as is stated within the "Charge of the Goddess" where the Moon Goddess speaks:

"Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever towards it;
let naught stop you or turn you aside."

One's "Highest Ideal" can be likened to one's "True Will" as found within the Thelemetic magickal tradition, where an individual, a follower of that path acts in accordance with their Higher Self, one's Holy Guardian Angel.

17 August 2011

In Line with Spirit - Staying on Track

In a world where we have routines to get everything done,
we rarely have a routine for our spiritual self.

In a world where we have routines for nearly everything - our route to work, our physical fitness regimen, and our weekday schedule - it’s amazing how many people forget to create a routine for meeting their spiritual needs. We run around in an attempt to be at our many appointments on time and meet our many obligations. In our efforts to be as productive as possible, however, our spiritual needs tend to take a backseat. After all, taking care of our spiritual needs doesn’t directly pay the bills or tone our abdominal muscles.

07 August 2011

The Power of Healing

These days there are numerous forms of healing, both orthodox as well as alternative, and it is within this latter category where Wytches most often work, in particular in the area of spiritual healing.

It never ceases to amaze me the power of the collective group when we are all focused on a single topic. The other night one coven member arrived feeling under the weather, suffering from a lack of energy, not to mention other ailments for which orthodox medical advice had been sought.

As part of the work we do is that of healing, energy was directed to our coven member ... and so powerful was the chant that I was half expecting to find them flattened against the wall (as in the movies).

30 July 2011

Brighid's Cross

Brighid's Cross was a symbol derived from ancient solar symbols known from early times in Europe. There were several regional forms but none resemble the classic Christian cross.  The crosses were made from straw, sheaves of grain, rushes, or grass, depending on the region of origin. They were hung in the house and farm buildings as protection against illness and other misfortune.

In the Scottish Highlands, women also made Brighid crosses before a wedding and placed one in the mattress of the marriage bed to ensure fertility.

28 July 2011

Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere

Imbolc is taken from the Irish-Gaelic which is translated as “in the belly” (of the Mother) and falls around 1 August in the Southern Hemisphere.  It represents the quickening of light and life and around us we begin to notice the first stirrings of Spring as the first flowers begin to appear.  These seeds have lain dormant within the Earth over the cold Winter months now begin to stir with life. All around us there is evidence of the Earth's slow awakening to the growing power of the Sun, and we may find in ourselves this awakening as we venture more and more outdoors.

Being a festival of fire, Imbolc celebrates the light of Spring piercing the darkness of Winter.  As new life flows through the world of nature, we celebrate the waking of the soul as our spirits begin to quicken.  Now is the time look toward the future.

23 July 2011

Nine Ways to Help Awaken Consciousness

By simply being yourself, you can help the people in your life see a living example of consciousness.

1. Living by your values allows you to become a positive source of inspiration for others. Don’t hide – express yourself and embrace life without reservation. By simply being yourself, you can help the people in your life see how one person can make a difference by being a living example of consciousness.

22 July 2011

Making Sense of it all with "Covensense"

It is always a joy to be reading a book that is funny, yet informative, not to mention insightful - and my current reading material, that being "Covensense" by Patricia Crowther (Robert Hale, 2009) is proving to be just that.

Crowther, for those not aware of who she is, was initiated into Wicca in 1960 by Gerald Gardner. Along with the likes of Doreen Valiente, Lois Bourne, and Eleanor Bone, Crowther is often consider to be one of the "early mothers" of Wicca.

Together with her late husband Arnold (who died in 1974), Crowther established what came to be known as the Sheffield Coven in 1961.

The author of many books (including two that have found their way into the Temple's own library "Lid of the Cauldron" and "The Zodiac Experience", this latest book is written along the lines of questions and answers - allowing Crowther's extensive knowledge and personal experience about the Craft to come through.

Things we cannot Control

We develop grace as we learn with the guiding hand of the Universe,
life will unfold exactly the way it should.

The idea of trusting the Universe is a popular one these days, but many of us do not know what this really means and we often have a hard time doing it. This is partly because the story of humankind is most often presented as a story about struggle, control, and survival, instead of one of trust and collaboration with the Universe.

Yet, in truth, we need to adhere to both ideas in this life.

10 July 2011

A key to personal development

One book that I have enjoyed reading in recent times is Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister’s Thelemic Magick by Rodney Orpheus (which is probably obvious considering this is my second posting about this book).  Within this book, I came across a passage that I have adapted for a more Wiccan focus, however regardless of what spiritual path one is following, I believe it gives much thought ...

"One of the keys to Wicca is personal development. This means you have to do the work yourself. Simply reading books and/or web sites is not good enough. While this may increase your theoretical knowledge (or then again may totally confuse you further), unless you do it, you are wasting your time. Knowledge is not the same thing as understanding."

It is only through personal experience that you yourself can access what are termed as the "Mysteries" contained within Wicca - no teacher, regardless of how wonderful they may be, can experience these Mysteries for you ... nor can their interpretation be 100% relevant for you.

03 July 2011

Your Perfect Teacher - Life

Many of us long to find a spiritual teacher or guru. We may feel unsure of how to practice our spirituality without one, or we may long for someone who has attained a higher level of insight to lead the way for us. Some of us have been looking for years to no avail and feel frustrated and even lost. The good news is that the greatest teacher you could ever want is always with you—that is your life.

The people and situations we encounter every day have much to teach us when we are open to receiving their wisdom. Often we don’t recognize our teachers because they may not look or act like our idea of a guru, yet they may embody great wisdom. In addition, some people teach us by showing us what we don’t want to do. All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to be learning at any given time. Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go—all these are covered in the classroom of the teacher that is your life.

Creating Our Own Reality

I came across the following article by Robin Wood (http://www.robinwood.com/index.html) who is the creator of the first deck of tarot cards (the Robin Wood tarot) that I purchased myself.

Creating Our Own Reality
© Robin Wood 2005

It’s completely true that we create our own reality.

Not because we get to choose what happens to us; few of us are that lucky.

01 July 2011

Horns of Power: Manifestations of the Horned God

It is often said that despite the seemingly wealth of information avaailable of all aspects of Paganism, there is one area in particular that tends to be overlooked - that of the God, the Divine Masculine.  Luckily for us, however, the team at Avalonia Publishing recognised this gap when they produced an anthology of articles and poems back in 2008 entitled “Horns of Power: Manifestations of the Horned God” (edited by Sorita d’Este).

With Marc Potts’s wonderful painting of “Herne” painting glaring out from the cover, this book is truly something special. The series of articles, impregnated with illustrations, photographs and even guided visualisations, are well research and provide the reader with a wealth of information about this rather overlooked aspect within modern Paganism, and in particular Wicca.

New Moon in Cancer

Cancer New Moon: - Call and Response

by Dana Gerhardt

It is another New Moon: when the magically minded make wishes and astrologers attempt to divine this cycle’s intentions. But fates are personal. Even if a new moon chart could be forced to describe them all, no single astrologer could tell that many stories. The wishes you make now may indeed be super-powered, but if you do not have a strong relationship with the archetypes, don’t expect special favors.

If you rarely visited your cookie-baking grandmother, don’t expect her to FedEx goodies to your dorm room. New Moons are potent times to forge alliances with the gods. Visit the invisible world. Bow and open yourself to their touch. Make an offering. Humans have been rendezvousing with these archetypes for thousands of years. When you call out to the gods, they do respond!

29 June 2011

Let it Flow - Tears

The messages from Daily Om that appear in my email box never fail to amazed me as to how relevant the topic is.  They often appear after a thought has crossed my mind or news received, offering their words of wisdom and advice uncanningly when needed.  Other people have almost commented on the wise words received from Daily Om and how relevant they seem to be at the time of reading.

Tears are as natural to us as breathing
and there is beauty in allowing yourself to be open to the pain of tears.

How wonderful it feels to give in and let tears flow when we are overwhelmed with emotions, whether we are happy or sad. Tears come from the soul, from our well of feelings rising from deep down. When we give in to the prickling behind our eyes and the lump in our throat to let teardrops fall from our eyes, we allow our feelings to surface so they can be set free.

28 June 2011

Casting the Circle

A circle is the boundary within which the Wytch works. The four positions on the rim of the circle represent the cardinal direction and their corresponding elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Thus, a circle contains within itself a square, as well as a point above and a point below, for the “circle” is, in fact, visualised as a sphere. This is the moveable temple of a Wytch, one which can be set up anywhere simply by “casting the circle”.

At the end of the ritual the temple is as easily dissembled as it was assembled, and the area it occupied ceased to be a sacred space. The important point about creating a sacred circle is that it is created with the mind, using visualisation.

The Truth as to what our personality really is all about

The following is another excerpt I wish to share from Rodney Orpheus's book, "Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister’s Thelemic Magick", which I have found to be of interest ...

We are accustomed to think of our personalities as being ourselves. This is totally false. The word “personality” comes from the Latin “persona” meaning a mask. In ancient drama the characters were differentiated only by the masks they wore. Your personality is only the clothing you wear over your soul. We must explore our “true nature” that lies below the level of the personality. We do this by first understanding what a fragile artificial thing our personality is."

23 June 2011

Reserved Perceptions - Being Projected Upon

When we take ownership of our thoughts
we are less likely to project our issues or disowned qualities onto others.

We all have issues, as well as undesirable qualities or traits that we don’t like about ourselves. Most of us realize that we are not perfect and that it is natural to have unpleasant thoughts, motivations, desires, or feelings.

However, when a person does not acknowledge these, they may ascribe those characteristics to someone else, deeming other people instead as angry, jealous, or insecure. In psychological terms, such blaming and fault finding is called projection.

21 June 2011

Winter Solstice - A Time of Rebirth

Light has given way to darkness and the coldness of Winter has its icy grip upon the land.  The trees are all but skeletons, having lost their leaves months ago.  The Sun is at its northern most point during its yearly migration across the sky, above the tropic of Cancer, meaning that whilst those of us south of the Equator are shivering with Summer all but a distant memory, the Northern Hemisphere is basking in the warmth and glory of the Sun. 

From this point onwards, however, as the sacred Wheel turns, we know it will only be a matter of time for we too feel those warming rays again, that will break through the chains of Winter. 

19 June 2011

As Good As Your Word - Promises

Be careful with the promises you make
as they are energetic vows taken seriously by our souls and the Universe.

Heart and Soul by Josephine Wall

Ever since human beings could speak to one another, they have been making promises and keeping them or not keeping them. Those who keep their promises are regarded as people of integrity, while those who do not keep their promises are regarded as people who at best cannot be taken seriously and at worst, cannot be trusted.

Sometimes we forget how powerful our words are, and we use them haphazardly or unconsciously, creating expectations that are never fulfilled, leaving disappointment and distrust in our wake.

15 June 2011

Mid Winter in the Southern Hemisphere

A week out from the Winter Solstice (calculated to take place here in Adelaide, South Australia on 22 June @ 2:46am), we can be forgiven to think that already we have reached Winter's deepest heart with overnight lows plummeting and the chill factor lingering well until mid morning. I even saw evidence of Jack Frost being out and about - the first for the year.

08 June 2011

Evolution of the Soul - Lessons through Reincarnation

Often we reincarnate on earth with our soul family
and often our most intense relationships are with our soul family.

You meet someone for the first time and feel as if you know them already. You’re in a town that you’ve never been to before, yet you recognize streets and buildings. You start playing a new sport and amaze everyone, including yourself, at your natural abilities and intuitive knowing of the rules.

We often describe such experiences as déjà vu: the experience or feeling that a new situation has happened to us before. Then again, the possibility does exist that we have actually lived these experiences in the past or, rather, in another lifetime.

05 June 2011

Neptune in Retrograde

On 4 June 2011, Neptune went into retrograd.  Its symbolic influence in astrology is a very subtle one, but noticeable to those who can tune in - waves of Neptune’s symbolic energy; whispy, tendrils, subtle waves with far-reaching spiritual energy which casts a dreamy veil over our harsh day-to-day world sometimes deceptive while other times revealing Truth. We long to be inspired and taken into other realms in the Cosmos.

31 May 2011

Taking Flight - New Moon in Gemini

"The pain pushes you until your vision pulls you." - Rev. Michael Beckwith

Welcome to eclipse season! And it looks to be a doozy. The June 1 partial solar eclipse in jumpy Gemini gets things going, followed by a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15 and another partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1. Eclipses are known for bringing abrupt change, especially when they hit sensitive points in your chart.  Adding to its catalytic potential, this eclipse series occurs during the final, Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. During this Ninth Wave (9 March to 28 October), according to Carl Calleman, time is accelerated 20-fold; we will experience the same amount of change as occurred from 1999 until a few months ago. Consciousness is rapidly evolving as dimensions merge and a new world is born. It's our choice: adapt and flourish or resist and suffer.

28 May 2011

Avoiding Negative Vibrations - Taking on the Energy of Others

In order to protect ourselves from taking on any negative energy from other people or situations;
we can learn to shield.

There are times when you may find that being around certain individuals or groups of people leaves you with feelings of discomfort. It may be that spending time with a particular friend feels draining or that dealing with a specific coworker exhausts you. Being around toxic or angry people is also draining. And you may even find that being surrounded by a crowd of people lowers your energy levels rather than perks you up. This is not that unusual.

Each of us radiates energy and is capable of being influenced by the energy of other people. It is important to learn how to shield yourself, so you don’t unknowingly take on someone else’s energy.

While some people know how to instinctively protect themselves from being adversely affected by energy, most of us need to discover and practice the technique that works best.

25 May 2011

The Wytch's Circle

I was not going to run a Wytch's Circle, or any kind of training group, this year as I was going to focus on finishing my long await book, not to mention continuing with the training of those already studying with the Temple of the Dark Moon ... however the requests have been coming thick and fast of late for me to offer some kind of instruction, so I have decided to hold a revised version of The Wytch's Circle from Thursday, 21 July 2011 onwards.

Initially an intensive six week course, the 2011 version of The Wytch's Circle will take place monthly and depending on the level and experience of those in attendance, will focus largely on circle and ritual workings, as well as other ritual and magickal techniques depending on time and interest.

17 May 2011

A Thought about Esbats

With the Full Moon Gathering (hosted by the Temple of the Dark Moon) taking place tomorrow evening in the Botanic Park, Adelaide as the Moon moves into Scorpio, for those of us calling ourselves Wiccan, Wytch or even Pagan, working with the Moon is an important part in the life.

The Goddess after all is honoured through the different phases of the Moon and in covens of old (pre-1980s), the esbat was the sacared meeting time when magick and healing was performed. This is because the phase of the Moon affects spellwork and ritual work.  Therefore, knowing what these phases mean is vitally important to working effective magick.

15 May 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio - 17 May 2011

Next week's Full Moon (17 May) will be the second Full Moon at 29 degrees Scorpio, with the first being the previous month (April) 0 degrees.  Some Full Moon themes are: upheaval, surging emotions, passion, intensity, truth telling, sexual merging, alchemical change. 

Lisa Dale Miller of astrowisdom says the intensity of this Full Moon will top the first!  In her Full Moon message, she writes, "Get ready for the truth to come reigning down on us like a firestorm." Scorpio has a special sight for things like denial, abuse of power and exposing secrets that lie in shadow.

12 May 2011

Take a Walk on the Bright Side

It's a week to step out and speak up. Venus and Mercury come together in Aries on Monday, then both merge their light with lucky Jupiter on Wednesday (the 11th).

The alignments happen at the 21-24 degree range of the Tropical Zodiac. But in the sidereal or real sky system, they're at Zero, in the Aries constellation. If you're an astro over-achiever, you might look to both these degrees, for where it's things are bursting with flavor. And the area (house or planet) that's getting the Aries download of fresh mojo. Beyond just the bliss factor, which Venus and Jupiter are known for, this trio together invites you to step through some personal barrier (fear, self-censorship, self-doubt), and break free into more alive territory.

02 May 2011

Awakening the Inner Warrior

Often when we think about 'warrior' status, we only focus in on the war image - however, as the posting starts, to be a true warrior is to find the inner strength ... that inner ability we find when we are faced with seemingly unbeatable odds or life changing situations ... and for some of us, this can simply be getting through the day.

Each of us has this inner warrior ... and to access it, we don't need any special passwords, secret handshakes and the lke ... we just need to breathe and visualise achieving the end result - for deep down, we know we can achieve anything we want to if we truly believe ...

So believe in your self and your own ability to succeed.

Can you Imagine ...

Can You Imagine?

(For the Child in All of Us)

Can you imagine a world without witches,
A world with all people the same?
Where the only known dragons are hiding in books,
And children are terribly tame?
A world without magic would be sad indeed.
I cannot imagine the pain
Of having a world where there's no Santa Claus,
Where wizards are searched for in vain.
Can you imagine a world without spells,
That science and businesses run?