31 May 2011

Taking Flight - New Moon in Gemini

"The pain pushes you until your vision pulls you." - Rev. Michael Beckwith

Welcome to eclipse season! And it looks to be a doozy. The June 1 partial solar eclipse in jumpy Gemini gets things going, followed by a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15 and another partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1. Eclipses are known for bringing abrupt change, especially when they hit sensitive points in your chart.  Adding to its catalytic potential, this eclipse series occurs during the final, Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. During this Ninth Wave (9 March to 28 October), according to Carl Calleman, time is accelerated 20-fold; we will experience the same amount of change as occurred from 1999 until a few months ago. Consciousness is rapidly evolving as dimensions merge and a new world is born. It's our choice: adapt and flourish or resist and suffer.

28 May 2011

Avoiding Negative Vibrations - Taking on the Energy of Others

In order to protect ourselves from taking on any negative energy from other people or situations;
we can learn to shield.

There are times when you may find that being around certain individuals or groups of people leaves you with feelings of discomfort. It may be that spending time with a particular friend feels draining or that dealing with a specific coworker exhausts you. Being around toxic or angry people is also draining. And you may even find that being surrounded by a crowd of people lowers your energy levels rather than perks you up. This is not that unusual.

Each of us radiates energy and is capable of being influenced by the energy of other people. It is important to learn how to shield yourself, so you don’t unknowingly take on someone else’s energy.

While some people know how to instinctively protect themselves from being adversely affected by energy, most of us need to discover and practice the technique that works best.

25 May 2011

The Wytch's Circle

I was not going to run a Wytch's Circle, or any kind of training group, this year as I was going to focus on finishing my long await book, not to mention continuing with the training of those already studying with the Temple of the Dark Moon ... however the requests have been coming thick and fast of late for me to offer some kind of instruction, so I have decided to hold a revised version of The Wytch's Circle from Thursday, 21 July 2011 onwards.

Initially an intensive six week course, the 2011 version of The Wytch's Circle will take place monthly and depending on the level and experience of those in attendance, will focus largely on circle and ritual workings, as well as other ritual and magickal techniques depending on time and interest.

17 May 2011

A Thought about Esbats

With the Full Moon Gathering (hosted by the Temple of the Dark Moon) taking place tomorrow evening in the Botanic Park, Adelaide as the Moon moves into Scorpio, for those of us calling ourselves Wiccan, Wytch or even Pagan, working with the Moon is an important part in the life.

The Goddess after all is honoured through the different phases of the Moon and in covens of old (pre-1980s), the esbat was the sacared meeting time when magick and healing was performed. This is because the phase of the Moon affects spellwork and ritual work.  Therefore, knowing what these phases mean is vitally important to working effective magick.

15 May 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio - 17 May 2011

Next week's Full Moon (17 May) will be the second Full Moon at 29 degrees Scorpio, with the first being the previous month (April) 0 degrees.  Some Full Moon themes are: upheaval, surging emotions, passion, intensity, truth telling, sexual merging, alchemical change. 

Lisa Dale Miller of astrowisdom says the intensity of this Full Moon will top the first!  In her Full Moon message, she writes, "Get ready for the truth to come reigning down on us like a firestorm." Scorpio has a special sight for things like denial, abuse of power and exposing secrets that lie in shadow.

12 May 2011

Take a Walk on the Bright Side

It's a week to step out and speak up. Venus and Mercury come together in Aries on Monday, then both merge their light with lucky Jupiter on Wednesday (the 11th).

The alignments happen at the 21-24 degree range of the Tropical Zodiac. But in the sidereal or real sky system, they're at Zero, in the Aries constellation. If you're an astro over-achiever, you might look to both these degrees, for where it's things are bursting with flavor. And the area (house or planet) that's getting the Aries download of fresh mojo. Beyond just the bliss factor, which Venus and Jupiter are known for, this trio together invites you to step through some personal barrier (fear, self-censorship, self-doubt), and break free into more alive territory.

02 May 2011

Awakening the Inner Warrior

Often when we think about 'warrior' status, we only focus in on the war image - however, as the posting starts, to be a true warrior is to find the inner strength ... that inner ability we find when we are faced with seemingly unbeatable odds or life changing situations ... and for some of us, this can simply be getting through the day.

Each of us has this inner warrior ... and to access it, we don't need any special passwords, secret handshakes and the lke ... we just need to breathe and visualise achieving the end result - for deep down, we know we can achieve anything we want to if we truly believe ...

So believe in your self and your own ability to succeed.

Can you Imagine ...

Can You Imagine?

(For the Child in All of Us)

Can you imagine a world without witches,
A world with all people the same?
Where the only known dragons are hiding in books,
And children are terribly tame?
A world without magic would be sad indeed.
I cannot imagine the pain
Of having a world where there's no Santa Claus,
Where wizards are searched for in vain.
Can you imagine a world without spells,
That science and businesses run?