12 May 2011

Take a Walk on the Bright Side

It's a week to step out and speak up. Venus and Mercury come together in Aries on Monday, then both merge their light with lucky Jupiter on Wednesday (the 11th).

The alignments happen at the 21-24 degree range of the Tropical Zodiac. But in the sidereal or real sky system, they're at Zero, in the Aries constellation. If you're an astro over-achiever, you might look to both these degrees, for where it's things are bursting with flavor. And the area (house or planet) that's getting the Aries download of fresh mojo. Beyond just the bliss factor, which Venus and Jupiter are known for, this trio together invites you to step through some personal barrier (fear, self-censorship, self-doubt), and break free into more alive territory.

Here are the cosmic players in this drama:

• Venus in Aries: red hot lovers, a sizzling affair, longtime love gets a passion infusion, spontaneous joy, risks for love or creativity or friendship, liberating honesty, uncomplicated fun.

• Mercury in Aries: forceful speech, burning ideas, words that provoke or inspire, living language, direct and emphatic.

• Jupiter in Aries: expanding into the new, bright spot on the horizon, adventures at your edge, going beyond the known.

Some possibilities:

•Initiating something that could change your life.

•Giving in to the moment, despite your fear, because you know it'll change you.

•Following the momentum of an inspired thought/project/collaboration.

•Daring to speak your truth, even if you know it's going to provoke some people.

•Allow yourself big joy, big enthusiasm, big laughing and smiling for no reason.

•Evoking healing in relationships by being absolutely true to how you really feel and think.

•Articulating something you're passionate about, and where you see a bright spot on the horizon.

Source: Molly Hall

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