17 November 2015

Clearing a Space for Change

Today I thought I would like to share with you an article from Madisyn Taylor from Daily Om about clearing a space for change.  I do find it rather uncanny at times the actual timing of some of these Daily Om articles.  As I mentioned in my previous post, in preparation for the new "9" calendar year a great deal of change appears to be afoot in like of 2016 being a ending year for this current 9 year numerology cycle.

The Weight of Objects - Clearing a Space for Change
by Madisyn Taylor
We hold onto material objects because we think they make us feel secure,
when in reality they are cluttering our lives.

10 November 2015

Getting ready for 2016 - the Year of Completion

It is hard to believe that there are only about eight weeks left of 2015 before the new calendar year commences.  2016 equates to "9" is esoteric numerology, the number of completion, rest and forgiveness before the new nine year cycle commences in 2017.  Completion and rest however does not necessary mean sitting around doing nothing - it also means undertaking (or finalising) all those things you have been putting off in order to begin to new nine year cycle afresh for when something is allowed to end, it makes way for something new and exciting to begin.

09 November 2015

Reactions to Life Events

The following is from Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om where she shares how our own personal reactions to things that occur during our lives are actually pre-conditioned - however, each of us have the ability to "re-wire" this pre-conditioning should we truly desire to do so.
Our past experiences can and do influence our emotional reactions
and responses to present events.
Our experiences colour everything. The events of the past can have a profound effect on how we see our lives now and what we choose to believe about our world. Our past experiences can also influence our emotional reactions and responses to present events. Each of us reacts to stimulus based on what we have learned in life. There is no right or wrong to it; it is simply the result of past experience. Later, when our strong feelings have passed, we may be surprised at our reactions. Yet when we face a similar situation, again our reactions may be the same. When we understand those experiences, we can come that much closer to understanding our reactions and consciously change them.

16 October 2015

Attendance at the Brighton Market

The next delivery of Call of the God: An Anthology Exploring the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism books have arrived and in perfect timing as I am intending to make my first appearance at the Brighton Markets on Sunday22 November 2015.
Also available for sale will be an assortment of handcrafted goodies made by LunaNoire Creations that include beautiful crystal beaded bracelets (such as this "Friendship Bracelet" pictured right that includes amethyst, rhodochrosite, watermelon tourmaline, rose quartz, and red tiger's eye crystal beads), devotional and prayer beads (such as the "Goddess Healing" bead string pictured below), as well as a selection of herbs, resins, charcoal bricks and magical oils.

25 September 2015

Passing through the Veil - Michael Howard (1948–2015)

Michael Howard (1948–2015)
The mysteries of eternity are known neither to you nor me
the enigma can be read neither by you nor me
behind the veil a discourse goes on about me and you
when the veil disappears there remain neither you nor me ...
(Oman Khayyam, Persian philosopher and astronomer,
1048 to 1131)
It is with immense sadness that this week saw the passing of Michael Howard, editor of the long standing premier Pagan magazine The Cauldron as well as author of over 30 books.  According to Xoanon, an independent publishing house who worked with Mr Howard, he died peacefully after a short illness.

02 August 2015

Cancellation of Events for the Remainder of 2015

It is with much regret to announce that due to illness all events proposed to be hosted by the Temple of the Dark Moon for the remainder of 2015 have been cancelled.

This cancellation also includes the remainder of all Full Moon Gatherings that may still be advertised on the Temple's web page.  The web page will be updated when time allows.
We would like to thank all those who have attended these free and open to the blog Gatherings and at this stage, it is envisaged that these Full Moon Gatherings will be hosted again in 2016. 
In the interim, further information and updates can be found at The Goddess House as well as Frances's own blog.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Frances where your query will be addressed as and when time permits.


12 June 2015

The Power of Mantras

Different sounds have different effects on human psyche. If a soft sound of wind rustling through leaves soothes our nerves, the musical note of running stream enchants our heart, thunders may cause awe and fear.  The sacred utterances or chanting of Sanskrit mantras provide us with the power to attain our goals and lift ourselves from the ordinary to the higher level of consciousness.
Mantras are believed to cure diseases, ward off evil, promote wealth, and even assist in the acquisition of supernatural powers.  More commonly, the reciting of mantras are used in the worship and communication with deity as well as providing a means to achieve a blissful state.

30 April 2015

Samhain Chant (by Doreen Valiente)

Fire red, summer's dead
Yet it shall return.
Clear and bright, in the night,
Burn, fire, burn!

Dance the ring, luck to bring
When the year's a-turning.
Chant the rhyme at Hallows-time,
When the fire's burning.

Entering the Time of Transformation at Samhain

Honouring one's Ancestors at Samhain
The sacred Wheel of the Year has turned and here south of the equator we find ourselves at Samhain and awaiting the veils between the world of the living and the realm of the dead to open before us. 
At this rather sombre time of the year, we remember those who have left this world as the thinning of the veil makes it easier for us to contact our ancestors, as well as other spirits.  Ancestors need not only be those of our blood line, those people who we have known in this life - they can also anyone who has helped shaped us into the people we are today, who have inspired us to follow a path closer to the calling of our own True Will, in order to reach our highest ideals.  
During the stillness of Samhain night, light a candle and give thanks to those who have gone before you, regardless of your relationship with or memory of them.
Dark Goddess altar