07 April 2011


The following is taken from Zsuzsanna Budapest's wonderful book Grandmother Moon that is now back in print.


The death of the soul is apathy. When you have been beaten so long and so much that you can no longer fight back, "they" have got you. "They" in this case are whoever would benefit from your lack of participation in real life.

Apathy is bad for your health, it is a form of depression. Many people are depressed today, but I [Z Budapest] do not think they are sick. I think that those who believe they can be completely healthy in an environment that is unhealthy both culturally and ecologically are the ones who are ill. [I personally found this last comment rather interesting - Frances]

If you are still healthy enought to be discouraged, apathy is a state of limbo. You can take a rest in it while you are waiting to get more wind behind you. When you are ready to get out of it, here are somet things you can do.

Spell against Apathy

Since apathy means you are noy diong anyting at all, spellcasting is too hard. But you can begin by taking a tonic. I prefer Hypericon (St John's Wort, available from health food shops) which is a nervine and balancer. Its psychic effect is to heal overstressed emotions. Other frends of mine use ginseng tea, another tonic and antidepressant.

You still have enough energy to wear a scent. Use lavender. It will invigorate you. Wearing ylang-ylang will dispell negative moods and wake up kundalini. Scents influence the way we feel about ourselves and the world. If you have problems with digestion, use burdock tincture. It makes the entire food-processing mechanism of your body run more smoothly, and if you improve your body, you are improving your mind.

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  1. Love that book, although mine is the old edition, somewhat worn and the pages are a bit yellowed around the edges. I love the way Z writes, as if she is there chatting with me.