01 April 2011

The Importance of Protection - part III

Following on from recent postings about psychic protection, I thought I would focus this section on what is a psychic attack.  I also include magickal attacks in here as well as often the effects are relatively similar.

The first point I would like to make clear is that such attacks are actually rarer that what most people believe they are. Any bit of bad luck or misfortune is not necessary an "attack" - it may simply be the way things are. However, in saying this, I do not mean to imply that attacks (regardless of whether they are psychic, magickal or otherwise) do not happen .. because they do. It is important, especially for the novice, to ascertain what exactly is happening, and in particular where the energy is coming from .. the source of the latter may actually result in a surprise.

A psychic attack is the perception of an energy or entity that intend you harm on the physical or spiritual level. People perceive it many different ways, but harmful intent is the common factor. Usually such energy is unintentional, however there are some people with malicious intent directed at others, regardless of reasons. Anger, fear and frustration can charged words and thoughts with power, regardless of whether the person believes in magick or not. When you criticise someone else out of jealousy, or wish harm on someone in the future, even jokingly, you are making an attack of sorts. If that person is not connected in their own power can be influenced by such actions.

Harmful energy can manifest as bad dreams or visions, sudden pain, losing important objects when you are not prone to losing things, or having accidents when you are not accident prone. Sudden, random sickness when you were perfectly healthy and even depression could be signs of a psychic or magickal attack if they appear for no apparent reason. If such things happen to you, one of the first things you should do is to check your own consciousness to make sure that you are not the root of the problem. Self-awareness and introspection are the keys, and this is why keeping an honest magickal diary and learning to meditate are important. They provide you with avenues to ask yourself why you are drawing this experience to you in the first place, regardless of who instigated it.

It is our individual responsibility to prevent such behaviour from affecting us. Change is very possible. When you make changes in your life that you need to be happy, your subconscious and our energetic behaviour also changes.

There are certain unwanted energies are not connected to a physical being. They are perceived as a spiritual entity. In “Modern Magick” Donald Michael Kraig calls the common of these entities the “little nasties”. The name aptly described the experience. You feel an unsettling presence or sometimes “see” strange images when doing magickal work. The entities you perceive are like spiritual scavengers. As the physical plans have some unpleasant life forms that scour refuse, like rates and roaches, the non-physical realities, the astral planes, have similar creatures. This is an example of the Law of Correspondence in action. Scavengers are a part of nature. They are not necessarily evil, but they can unsettle you if you let them.

Other entities are not as benign as the little nasties. Mystics can encounter entires that are trapped in more harmful emotions like anger and fear. They may be the spirits of those who were physical once and died, creating a ghost. Some feel that ghosts make links to people and places that meant something to them, anchoring them to the world. Some entities may never have been physical. They can manifest as vary visions and abusive voices. Others are more mischievous and playful.

Ultimately, these discarnate beings are seeking attention and have discovered that fear feeds them the most attention. Your attention feeds them power, and one of the best ways to get rid of them is to no longer fear them. Using banishing Earth pentagrams. Use the shield technique that I will be providing in a subsequent posting. But most importantly, do not be afraid which is easier said than done.

Laughter is a great way to combat fear and harmful spirits. If you laugh, you are no longer taking them seriously. It is a good test to see if a spirit is friendly. Any entity worth knowing should be able to take a joke. Laughter only angers unwanted spirits because you are no longer in fear or awe and no longer giving them the energy they need from you.

The last source of an attack is you. If you think that you are curses or under attack, then Universe will respond in that way. If you set your study of magick and knowledge of personal power subconsciously against yourself, you will find that you are the most formidable enemy there is. Awareness is the best protection.

The majority of psychic attacks were self-create illusions, but if you feel an attack is real, then it is real, regardless of the source. The key to defeating such attacks is to first check in your own consciousness. Ask yourself if you are the source of your own problems. Often we are, even though we probably would not like to admit it. Even if there is an external source, think about why you are drawing such an experience to you at this time. There are no accidents. Why is the attack affecting you? If you are centred in your power, then most “attacks” should wash off you like water off a duck's back. Where is the weakness you need to work on for your personal growth? What is the experience teaching you? The answer to these questions will help solve your problem.

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