15 June 2011

Mid Winter in the Southern Hemisphere

A week out from the Winter Solstice (calculated to take place here in Adelaide, South Australia on 22 June @ 2:46am), we can be forgiven to think that already we have reached Winter's deepest heart with overnight lows plummeting and the chill factor lingering well until mid morning. I even saw evidence of Jack Frost being out and about - the first for the year.

In the early mornings, a hush creeps across the land as if in anticipation of the first rays of snlight to creep over the horizon, announcing the rebirth of the sun, the Divine Child, for another year.

Two gallant knights, twin brothers stand facing each other ready to do battle - the ruler of the dark half of the year, the Holly King, not ready to relinquish his rule that of his brother, the Oak King.. However, as the age-old cycle that is about to take place will show, at Mid Winter the Oak King will reign supreme .. at least until Mid Summer when the battle will commence again.

But in this twilight time, a prelude before the rebirth of the Sun God occurs, the Bone Mother makes her presence felt.  Sometimes described as being the female counterpart of the Grime Reaper, white thin white fingers snake across the land, freezing all that they touch.

It is the Bone Mother who forces us to stay inside, to go within ourselves.

It is the Bone Mother who forces us to contemplate our mortality.

It is the Bone Mother who forces us to make our sacrifice.

What will you give up to the darkness in order for the light to be renewed?

In the darkest hours you come to me
lingering at the door
offering a look of neither pity nor compassion
but one of thoughtful contemplation
as if you were calculating what its worth
the price that could be paid
a reward reaped
for me to have one more go
at life again.

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