05 June 2011

Neptune in Retrograde

On 4 June 2011, Neptune went into retrograd.  Its symbolic influence in astrology is a very subtle one, but noticeable to those who can tune in - waves of Neptune’s symbolic energy; whispy, tendrils, subtle waves with far-reaching spiritual energy which casts a dreamy veil over our harsh day-to-day world sometimes deceptive while other times revealing Truth. We long to be inspired and taken into other realms in the Cosmos.

This retrograde happens right after the Solar Eclipse and on the same day as Jupiter enters Taurus. The energies may be experienced as extra heightened and super sensitive. It is possible to feel disoriented, wanting to dream and sleep, and the desire to find things or situations which support a feeling of being soothed and inspired. In essence, we may feel half here and half, so it is best to be careful driving and carefully re-read things before making important decisions so you get all the facts clear.

If you have transiting Neptune in Pisces making any close aspect to a personal planet such as Sun, Moon, Mercury. Venus or Mars between 0-3 degrees Pisces – you may feel a bit extra super spacey, dreamy or possible disorientation and fuzzy in thinking or unclear in your communication, want to sleep more or become stressed out quicker. It’s possible the way in which you express yourself may be unclear, saying one thing but doing another. You may feel extra sensitive and emotional and cry at the drop of a pin. It is possible you don’t have any drive or desire to get things done for a week around the Neptune going into Retrograde phase. It is best not to force yourself to produce high amounts of anything or pressure yourself in being crystal clear or logical now nor best time to make large financial investments or decisions. Make the time to take care of yourself now as you will need some room to simply BE.

If you can take a few days off around this time and rest, renew and recharge with Nature. A good time to channel, write, paint, draw and express your energy with art or some time of creative outlet. Have fun with it and move with how you feel in the moment. Give it a few days after Neptune moves into Retrograde and then the energy may feel a bit more settled and clear.

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde phase will help us to review the previous few months and gather more awareness and understanding regarding compassion, our emotional level, spirituality and knowing we are connected to the bigger picture within the Universe and Cosmos. We must begin to view ourselves as Soul living our a human existence and realize we are here for more than what we have been programmed to believe. For some, they will be asking key questions about expanding their Spiritual side and blending that into physical reality. It is also important to work through lingering illusions and delusions while Neptune is Retrograde as we can do the inner work needed.

While in the Retrograde phase, Neptune will slide back into late degrees of Aquarius to tidy things up on 5 August 2011. Go back to the themes that happened over the last few years and there may be tiny spots that you may heal or work through. We can take a look at Group Consciousness, friendships, like-minded organizations – where we need to be more unified and to care about what’s happening on a global scale. Our sense of compassion and love has the chance to expand and heal any lingering rifts of separation.

Neptune in Aquarius at 28 degrees turns Direct or outward expression in early November 2011. Neptune returns to Pisces in early February 2012 to finish out its trek through watery dreamy spiritual realm of Pisces.

By Dipali Desai

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