22 July 2011

Making Sense of it all with "Covensense"

It is always a joy to be reading a book that is funny, yet informative, not to mention insightful - and my current reading material, that being "Covensense" by Patricia Crowther (Robert Hale, 2009) is proving to be just that.

Crowther, for those not aware of who she is, was initiated into Wicca in 1960 by Gerald Gardner. Along with the likes of Doreen Valiente, Lois Bourne, and Eleanor Bone, Crowther is often consider to be one of the "early mothers" of Wicca.

Together with her late husband Arnold (who died in 1974), Crowther established what came to be known as the Sheffield Coven in 1961.

The author of many books (including two that have found their way into the Temple's own library "Lid of the Cauldron" and "The Zodiac Experience", this latest book is written along the lines of questions and answers - allowing Crowther's extensive knowledge and personal experience about the Craft to come through.

Well worth the read - I found a copy in my local library - and probably just as well as it does come with a slightly expensive price seemingly being available only in hardcover.
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