24 December 2010

Solace in Service - Doing for Others

One aspect of the Wiccan Priesthood, in particular the High Priesthood, is that of service to others.  This "service" can sometimes be misunderstood with some people expecting some kind of "return" (financial or otherwise) to be received.  However, "true" service is where one does something, shares something, makes themselves available etc simply because in doing so, their actions or what they have to share may benefit another.  An example of this is the open Full Moon Gatherings that the Temple of the Dark Moon have been holding since 2004.  These Gatherings, originally held all year round, are open to the public as they are held in public spaces and, as were the case of many that where held during the Summer months at the beach, witnessed by curious passerbys - some even joining in. 

Whilst due to time restraints these Gatherings are now only held during the Winter months, they are still open to the public where they are offered free of charge - there is not even the expectation of  a donation to help cover the cost of the items used.  This is because to hold such events that may benefit the spiritual development of another is part of what I view as my service, as HPs, to the community and society at large.

The following is an article from Daily Om about being of service - something that everyone is able to do.

Solice in Service -Doing for Others

Many times the best way to get out of the blues quickly is to turn our attention to other people in loving service.

When we feel bad, often our first instinct is to isolate ourselves and focus on what's upsetting us. Sometimes we really do need some downtime, but many times the best way to get out of the blues quickly is to turn our attention to other people. In being of service to others, paradoxically, we often find answers to our own questions and solutions to our own problems. We also end up feeling more connected to the people around us, as well as empowered by the experience of helping someone.

When we reach out to people we can help, we confirm that we are not alone in our own need for support and inspiration, and we also remind ourselves that we are powerful and capable in certain ways. Even as our own problems or moods get the better of us sometimes, there is always someone else who can use our particular gifts and energy to help them out. They, in turn, remind us that we are not the only people in the world with difficulties or issues. We all struggle with the problems of life, and we all feel overwhelmed from time to time, but we can almost always find solace in service.

In the most ideal situation, the person we are helping sheds light on our own dilemma, sometimes with a direct piece of advice, and sometimes without saying anything at all. Sometimes just the act of getting our minds out of the obsessive mode of trying to figure out what to do about our own life does the trick. Many great inventors and artists have found that the inspiration they need to get to the next level in their work comes not when they're working but when they're walking around the block or doing dishes. We do ourselves and everyone else a great service when we take a break from our sorrows and extend ourselves to someone in need.

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