09 December 2010

Endings and Beginnings as Visions mark the Way

Last night conjured up an assortment of emotions - of sadness with it being the last "official" circle that the Temple's Inner Court would hold until mid January due to the Summer break, but also of achievement as we moved through our paces, despite what had seemed to be a "broken year" with our circles, in stepping between the veils and creating magick, not to mention excitement of the proposed ideas that 2011 will bring (not to mention another member to our folds).

Almost as a sign of just how far we each had progressed in the year, both separately along our own individual paths of spiritual enlightenment, but also as a group collective, every one of us received a potent result from the meditation. 

Sitting under the willow, the tree sacred to the Goddess, and being lost in the babbles of the flowing water, we found that we were each not alone, for across the stream, on the opposite bank appeared the Goddess, in the guise appropriate to each of us.  One even rose from the depths of the waters on her sacred flower.  Then again,who would expect anything less from the Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity.

Offering us encouragement and support, providing us with words of wisdom and direction, even indicating to us where and how we can improve our lives, in particular in order to make their appeareance more noticable to us, and even blending their energies with our own.

My own beloved As't appeared in a form not offend shown to me - instead of her distinctive Egyptian dress, she was clothed in a later, seemingly Roman style, yet reminding me of the Greek Goddess Athena for she carried a shield.  However, its meaning and purpose were so revealed, again not exactly to my own preconceived expectations, especially when she morphed through a collection of various Egyptian images as if to express her point by giving me what I had expected.  However, her final trump card was Cleopatra, the last pharoah of Egypt, that combined all of the above. 

But it that not the way of Deity?

Despite closing for the Summer, it will only be a matter of weeks before we all meet again - and with directions being forged and ideas already being planned for 2011, it is almost as if the new year cannot get here fast enough.

All I could think is what a fantastic way to end the year - even if the message received was stern, we were all given something to take away, contemplate and work on over the Summer months.

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