07 October 2010

The End is Nigh

It is a sign that the end of the year is coming quickly to a close when regular events end up being the ‘second to last’. Last night saw the second to last Outer Court circle for 2010, the realization coming as a bit of a shock to some people. Now is the time serious decisions need to be made as to whether application to the Temple’s Inner Court is to be made or not.

Having spent the last five years more or less focusing on the training needs of others, next year the focus of the Inner Court will be somewhat different and more intense. Time has arrived for my own “itches” to be scratched. The magicks that I have put away to the side to due their degree of advanceness and/or complication will be dusted off and resurrected, exposing Inner Court members to the necessity of the last few years instruction with the importance one needs to focus within a closely knit group. Naturally, this will also expose a deeper concept of what “perfect love and perfect trust” means within a circle. Exciting time for the Inner Court lies ahead.

At this stage Outer Court circles will continue to run for the first part of 2011 for those current members wishing to enter into the Inner Court. The aim of these circles will be to assist them in integrating and aligning with the Temple’s egregore that has been built up over the years.

The October Full Moon Gathering will also mark the end of these public events for the year – as over the summer months the esbats are held at the Temple’s covenstead. Whilst advertising for these public events has dropped off over the years, their popularity has not, with a larger group than normal partaking in the September Full Moon Gathering that also coincided with the Spring Equinox. The first Gathering for 2011 that will be held in the Botanic Park will take place in April – dates will be uploaded to the Temple’s web site when they become available.

So while 2010 is drawing extremely quickly to a close, 2011 is starting a appear just below the horizon,  bringing with it a number of exciting possibilities for members of the Temple of the Dark Moon.

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