25 October 2010

Cleansing and Healing Ritual

With the theme of Bealtaine being fertilty, sex and sensuality, the following ritual seems perfect for this time of the year as it focuses your attention  back on the self - and in many schools of thought it is believed that before we can truly love another person, we must learn to love our own self .. or at least accept ourselves for who we are.

I have had the ritual for a number of years so am not sure of its original author.  If is this known by someone, please let me know so that I can duly accredit them. 

The Cleansing and Healing Ritual
Set up a sacred space where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Have with you a pure white candle, some salt (preferably rock salt however normal table salt is okay), a bowl of water and an anointing oil. You might also like to light some incense if you so desire.
Begin by seating yourself for your altar and lighting the candle and incense. The candle represents your divine self. Then centre and ground yourself. Do this by taking a few deep breaths and gently releasing the air in your lungs. If you feel the need to sigh, then do so as this will also help you relax. You may now like to call upon the God and Goddess, or your own chosen Deity, or even guardian spirits and angels to surround you with love and protection. It is best to use words of your own making, but the following can be used:

“Gentle Goddess of the Moon, Horned God of the Woodlands, lend me your strength, protect me with your compassion, as I look inside myself and release what is blocking me from moving forward.”

Stir the water and salt widdershins (against the Sun, in a clockwise direction for those of us residing in the Southern Hemisphere) in the bowl until the salt is dissolved. When this has occurred, focus on the water and say the following listing any tensions, preoccupations, worries, fears and so forth that you are feeling:

“I put into this water all my …" [eg, tiredness, my feelings about not being able to cope, my worry about my parent’s ill health, my aching back].

It is important to ensure that you are focusing only on the salt water and visualise, if you can, those things you wish to be released being absorbed by the salt water. This is because salt is a natural purifier.

When you have finished, put the bowl of one side, out of the way, close your eyes and then make the following statement:

“May I be free from all doubt and anxiety.”

With the bowl of salt water to one side, now focus on the candle. Feel the warmth of the flame. Visualise this as the Sun’s strength filling you with love, healing and peace, whilst it removes any last bit of negativity.

Approach the altar and perform a self-blessing. There are numerous blessings that can be undertaken. The following self-blessing follows the chakra points. Take your time when you bless each part of your body and focus on the meaning of the words:

"Blessed are my feet, which walk me upon the Earth.
Blessed is my sex, which spins with sacred energy.
Blessed is my stomach, which that feeds my power.
Blessed is my heart, which gives and embraces my world.
Blessed is my throat, which speaks my words and listens too.
Blessed is my mind, which can imagine, think and plan.
Blessed in my crown, which opens to the God and the Goddess."

When you have finished, spend some time in quiet contemplation or meditation before joining the rest of the world.


  1. I really love this cleansing and healing ritual. As believe me I could do with it. I am new to your site and witchvox and am enjoying it immensely.

    Blessed Be )O(

  2. This is an excellent cleansing and healing ritual and meditation. Thank you for sharing.