26 January 2011

Water Meditation and the element of Water

Meditating with water can be a powerful way of aligning ourselves
with an element that sustains us.

Our bodies are over 50% water, so it makes sense that human beings have always considered water to be a sacred source of life and healing. It is literally half of who we are, and well over half of the Earth’s surface is water. Water cleanses and hydrates, contains and produces nourishment, and when we enter it, holds us in an embrace that leaves no part of us untouched. Meditating with water can be a powerful way of aligning ourselves more fully with this support system that makes life both possible and pleasurable on so many levels.

As we move between awareness of our breath and awareness of the water in which we find ourselves, we can begin to release the things we no longer need into the rushing river, or release ourselves completely into the water’s embrace as we float, in our minds, in the watery womb of an ocean or a lake. When you feel you are ready to return to more solid ground, ease your body back onto earth, in your mind or in reality, and lie flat on your back, allowing the water to bead and roll off your skin, soaking the earth and evaporating into the air, leaving you cleansed, healed, and renewed.

We may wish to conduct our meditation while in physical contact with a body of water, whether in the intimacy of our bathtub or the vast container of an ocean. We might float on our backs in a swimming pool or sit with just our feet submerged in a pond or creek. On the other hand, we may simply close our eyes and choose a location based on our imagination.

Whatever we choose, we can begin by closing our eyes and listening to our breathing. At the same time, we tune in to the particular music of the water we have chosen, the loud rushing of a river or waterfall, or the surreal silence of the world beneath the surface of the ocean. We might consider how the type of water we choose reflects what we seek — the peace beneath the hectic surface of life, the cleansing power of a river racing through a canyon, or the mood lifting, melodic bubbling of a lively creek.

When it comes to magick, Water is the element that is usually associated with the West within the sacred circle, the direction of the setting Sun.  In cultures such as ancient Egypt and the Celts, West was the direction where the soul went at the end of one's life as to the West, there were large bodies of water.

Water is associated with the emotions, dreams, compassion, love, sadness, psychism, healing, rest, cleansing, dissolution, astral travel, death/rebirth.  It is generally considered to be feminine and receptive in nature.  Tools that are associated with Water include the chalice (or cup), bowl and cauldron (the latter representing the womb of the Great Mother where all the amniotic fluids are stored in order to create new life (rebirth).  When it comes to magickal workings, divinations, dreams, psychic work, astral travel, and healing are all associated with Water.

The Archangel Gabriel is associated with West and therefore with water.  Gabriel is one of the two highest-ranking Archangels. He is the angel of mercy, annunciation, dreams, aspirations, the bringer of news, maker of changes, vengeance, resurrections, revelations and death. It is written that he presides over ‘paradise’ and is the ruling angel of the first gate. In Biblical books he is the primary messenger to God. 

Gabriel brings revelations to mankind, he is the intermediary between the infinite and earthly existence. He is the one that aids in interpreting our dreams, visions. He grants the understanding of angelic mysteries in the form of the Goetia, Kabala and other ancient texts, and is also the bringer of justice, truth, love and divinity.

The element of Water is the realm of the Undines who are in turn ruled by their king, Nixsa.  Animals associatd with Water are naturally all aquatic creatures, fish and dolphins, with plants being the alder, hazel and willow.  Water crystals include aquamarine, moonstone, pearl, sodalite and even the humble sea shell found on the beach.  In fact, water smoothed peebles, and dried seaweed, as well as coral, can also be used in Water rituals.

Astrological signs assoicated with Water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, with the planets being Moon and Venus.  The alchemical symbol for Water is the downward pointing triangle, wheres the Tattwa symbol is Apas, the silver crescent with upward pointing horns, according to the Golden Dawn, however in the Tibetan version it is depicted as a purple half circle.

Positive characteristics include being compassionate, loving, forgiving, sensitive, easygoing, modest, and flowing.  However the negative characteristics are being overly sensitive, weepy, dependent, indifferent, lazy, insecure, and even frigid. It is important to ensure that all the elements are of balance because a heighten Water aspect could lead to hypersensitivity and depression whereas being underbalance, one would appear to be cold, with a rather emotionless nature.

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