21 November 2010

Gifts that keep on Giving

Around this time of the year a similar dilemma appears and that is what to do for Christmas? Do I celebrate it with the rest of my non-Pagan family and friends, by accepting gifts and engaging in other festivities? Or do I declare myself a “Christmas-free zone”, after all why celebrate a festival belonging to another faith – it is not as if I celebrate other festivals or holy days, such as Ramadan etc? Often, in order to keep everyone happy a combination of the two is successful.
from World Vision"s "Smiles"

Whilst in our secular society, the religion aspect of Christmas has largely been replaced by the focus on families spending the day together and the exchanging of gifts, for some people both these ideas can be rather unpleasant.

One possible solution to at least the latter, may be the suggestion of a donation made on your behalf to a worthwhile charitable organisation ... of which there are many. 

One in particular that I like is World Vision, having been a child sponsor for over 10 years, their “Smiles” catalogue offers “gifts” from as low as $AUD5.00 (for school pencils or a torch) up to the construction of houses and clean water.

Another organisation that I am passionately drawn to is the Red Cross, and in particular their Haitian earthquake and more recent Pakistan flood appeals.  They too have a catalogue offering a range of gifts that help with their general fundraising.

Likewise, the Animal Welfare League, one of a number of organisations who usually end up trying to rehouse those unwanted puppies and kittens who have grown out of their “adorable” state.

So maybe this year a suggestion to Aunty Ethel that instead of another selection of “socks and jocks”, she may consider a “duck” could be in order ... that way, everyone is happy.

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