Welcome to Dancing in the Shadows.
My name is Frances and this is my online blog containing thoughts and other pieces of information about life from the perspective of a High Priestess of the Old Ways.

I have largely been interested in metaphysics and the occult sciences since my teenage years, with what I would classify as my *formal* studies having commenced in the early 1990s when I moved from New Zealand to Adelaide, South Australia.

Up until the mid 1990s, I studied various metaphysical teachings and concepts, trained in Alexandrian initiatory Wicca and ceremonial magick, as well as Goddess spirituality and Celtic mythology.  The latter led me to the Britsh Isles where I wandered around for a number of years before returning to Adelaide around 1997.

I founded the Temple of the Dark Moon in Adelaide in 1999, using my own magickal training and interests as a foundation, and creating a delicate, yet workable, combination of Alexandrian initiatory Wica, ceremonial magick, the Qabalah, and traditional Craft (non-Gardnerian Wytchcraft).  Over the years, as a coven, we have gone through a variety of transformations to its present styling where we have an Outer Court circle (for non-dedicants) as well as an Inner Court circle (for dedicants and those initiated into the Craft priesthood through the Degree system).  

Sacred Circle
Being a somewhat prolific writer, I have also contributed articles, essays and poetry to over 20 publications including anthologies such as Unto Herself: An Anthology in Honour of Independent Goddesses, Witchcraft Today: 60 Years On, The Faerie Queens: A Collection of Essays Exploring the Myths, Magic and Mythology of the Faerie Queens, A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven, The Naming of the Goddess, and Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honour of Sekhmet to name a few.  More information about what I have written, as well as future projects, can be found

Blessings - Frances