16 May 2014

Below the Surface - Finding Deep Strength

Having just written about the upcoming Dark Goddess workshop that I will be hosting through The Goddess House on Saturday, 14 June 2014Madisyn Taylor from Daily Om, has come up with an essay on a similar topic - that being going within in order to move ahead.

Below the Surface - Finding Deep Strength

When we look back on our lives we see that
we have survived many trials and often to our own amazement.
We have all faced moments in our lives when the pressure mounts beyond what we feel we can handle, and we find ourselves thinking that we do not have the strength to carry on. Sometimes we have just gotten through a major obstacle or illness only to find another one waiting for us the moment we finally catch our breath. Sometimes we endure one loss after another, wondering when we will get a break from lifes travails. It does not seem fair or right that life should demand more of us when we feel we have given all we can, but sometimes this is the way life works.

03 May 2014

Connecting with the Divine by performing a Puja

Having attended a puja just recently, I thought I would share this posting from Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om.

Connecting with the Divine - Puja
Performing a Hindu puja ritual is a wonderful way
to experience direct communication with the divine.
Forging a spiritual connection with the Divine is the ultimate goal of many forms of worship.  In our devotions, we transcend the limitations of our humanity using prayers, rituals, and invocations, or we seek the celestial in sacred items such as statuary, imagery, or natural objects.  In the Hindu tradition, worshipers bond with the divine through the puja ritual.  The purpose of the ritual is to create an atmosphere in which humans and spiritual beings can enjoy communion with one another. Though participants show reverence for their chosen deities, puja serves to bring the former and the latter together on an energetic level. Performing a puja ritual is thus a wonderful way to experience direct communication with the divine.