26 January 2014

Heatwaves, Lughnasadh, Brighid's Fires and Rosaries

This new calendar year has certainly leaped out of the starters' box and as the ending of the first month is nearing, I have finally had a chance to write something.  Following on from my last blog, with another heatwave is also looming for the coming week, I've stopped any attempt in trying to tidy up the garden from the last one.  This way I am hoping that the "mess" of dead leaves may form some kind of protection, at least in the way of mulch for those plants who have survived "Round 1".

19 January 2014

Making the Most of a Respite from the Heat

There is no doubt that summer has arrived to the southern parts of Australia, and announcing its arrival, a heatwave that included Adelaide being confirmed as the hottest city in the world on Thursday, 16 January 2014, where the temperature peaked at 44.2C (111F).  Thankfully it did not reached it anticipated 46C.  However, in other parts around South Australia it did.
As I write this, a welcoming cool change has arrived but with it, the winds have pushed the heat, and indeed the fires eastward.

05 January 2014

The Energy of Cities

Adelaide - the city in which I reside
A view over the Torrens River
A belated happy new Gregorian calendar year to everyone.  May this new year, which equates to the number "7" (an introverted and somewhat mystical number in esoteric numerology) bring you wealth, happiness, and most important of all, peace.

The reasons for the delay in blogging have been many fold - work, preparing and running various coven events, writing obligations, re-editing and formatting the manuscript for Dancing the Sacred Wheel for it to be re-released this year, and even formatting the manuscript of my second book.  On top of all this, LunaNoireCreations has recently opened on Etsy, with more stock to be added over the coming months.