31 May 2013

Meditations and Metaphysics

Last Monday night saw the commencement of the Monday Night Meditations, a weekly event that  I will be running until 5 August 2013, and despite the temperature dropping to single digits, it was a great night.

The regular practice of meditation offers so us probably more benefits that what we actually realise, and some of these benefits include improving focus and sense of control, the reduction of stress and anxiety, a greater control of automatic nervous system and even a greater ability of self-realisation.  Naturally there are also numerous spiritual benefits to regular meditation practices such as the bridging of our "inner" and "outer" selves, raising the vibration of our subtle bodies, and not to mention the opening the doorway to the higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

18 May 2013

May Full Moon Gathering and Hekatean Rite

Commencing in 2010, the "Rite of Her Sacred Fires" was initially conceived as a way in which the completion of the book project Hekate: Her Sacred Fires that was edited by Sorita d’Este.  During the first year this devotional rite to the Goddess Hekate was performed by literally thousands of people around the world - in private groups, by solitariesm and even in open events. 

On Saturday, 25 May 2013, the Temple of the Dark Moon will be incorporating this international devotional rite into our Full Moon Gathering that is held in Adelaide Botanic Park (off Hackney Road).  As our Gatherings ar free and open to the public so to is this event, save for some small requirement - all participants will need to bring their own RED candle that will be lit from the central sacred flame that has been dedicated to Hekate.

09 May 2013

Tomorrow's Annular Solar Eclipse

Early tomorrow morning (10 May 2013) an annular solar eclipse will occur, crossing Cape York at the top of Australia. Solar eclipses occur when the new moon moves between the sun and the earth, the result of which is a shadow being casted.

Commencing at sunrise in Western Australia, the eclipse will move over Northern Territory in the region of Tennant Creek and cross Cape York before heading out towards Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Ocean. 

According the Eclipse web site, tomorrow's eclipse will "will intersect the path of the total solar eclipse of 14 November 2012 in the area of the west coast of Cape York and will cross the east coast to the north of Cooktown. The indigenous communities of Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw will have the highly unusual privilege of experiencing two solar eclipses within six months".

07 May 2013

Samhain poem

On Hallowmas Eve, ere ye boune to rest,
Ever beware that your couch be blest;
Sign it with cross and sain it with bread,
Sing the Ave and the Creed.
For on Hallowmas Eve, the Night Hag shall ride
And all her nine-fold sweeping on by Her side,
Whether the wind sing lowly or loud,
Stealing through moonshine or swathed in cloud.
He that dare sit in St Swithin's Chair,
When the Night Hag wings the troubled air,
Questions three, when he speaks the spell,
He must ask and She must tell.

By Sir Walter Scott