28 October 2013

Bealtaine South of the Equator

Oh do not tell the Priest of our art
For he would call it a sin
But we have been out in the woods all night
A conjurin' Summer in.

It's "that" time of the year ago when an increasing number of supermarket and bargain store chains try to convince us that it is "Halloween" and we need to be our bit to increase the already bulging wallets of dentists by inflicting more sugary "treats" onto an ever increasing obese younger generation.  Then again, I guess luring them outside away from their play-stations and x-boxes could actually be termed as "exercise" albeit resembling the carrot on a stick treatment.

15 October 2013

Experiencing the Mystical Matters of the Ancients

In the currently available Spring Course Guide from Worker's Education Association (WEA), there is mentioned of my Mystic Matters workshop that is generating a number of queries.  So I thought I would attempt to provide some more information about this interactive workshop as the 25 word description only tells part of what the day will involve.

06 October 2013

Working through Silence

It has been a while since anything has happened on this blog due to my overseas visit to England, Ireland and Scotland.  I think that I must have taken around about 6,000 odd photos along with accumulating many experiences.  Naturally, therefore, it will take me a while to formulate my trip, but in the meantime, I thought I would share this essay from Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om about working through silence.