19 July 2013

No Rest for the Wicked ...

Elphaba from "Wicked"
or even the Wicca, to borrow the phrase often used by Tim OzPagan.  And indeed not. In less than two months I will be heading off to the UK to partake in what is billed as Britain's largest Pagan Camp, which will be followed by me accompanying an Australian tour company on their West Country and Irish tours, before I head off for a quick dance around a few Scottish stone circles.

But that does not mean that things at the covenstead will draw to a close. With Mid Winter having passed, and as the heatbeat of the earth slowly increases, so does the planning process for the next calendar year.  This week saw the conclusion of the Outer Court circle that commenced in 2012.  After much soul searching and discussion surrounding all things within the cosmos, numbers within the covenstead are poised to swell upon my return, and swell again a few months later when we welcome back another from their sabbatical.

11 July 2013

An Indepth Journey through the Wytch's Year

The long awaited workshop that offers an in-depth journey throughout the eight main festivals, the "Wheel of the Year", of the modern Wytch's calendar.

Within some traditions of modern Wytchcraft, these seasonal festivals tell the story of the God (the divine male) through the annual cycles of life, death and rebirth. These cycles are all around us in nature as well as within our own being.

09 July 2013

Do Unto Others - The Golden Rule

 When we honour others by following the golden rule,
we honour ourselves too.
The following is another wonderful posting from Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om.
All over the world, there exists a simple precept that, when followed, has the power to end conflict and banish strife. It is the Golden Rule, a key concept in many philosophies and spiritualities that admonishes us to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” Its meaning is clear: treat others only in ways that you would want to be treated. However, the golden rule is not always easy to follow. It can be a challenge to honour others as we wish to be honoured. Yet, when we do so, we bestow a gift of loving kindness on our fellow human beings. And, in honouring others, we honour ourselves.