21 June 2013

Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere

The timing of the Winter Solstice is marked when the sun reaches its furthest north position in the sky and starts to move back towards the south.  As it does, it marks one of the main turning points in the year, the others being the Equinoxes as well as the Summer Solstice (that occurs in December).  The timing for the Winter Solstice this year is today, Friday, 21 June at 2:34 pm (Adelaide time).  From this moment onwards, days start becoming longer and night times shorter.  however with the worse of the Winter weather yet to arrive, this thought is not often the first that comes to mind.

10 June 2013

Transformational New Moon Fires of Kali

New Moon in the
Southern skies
When the first sliver of the moon appears in the sky, it heralds the time for manifestation.  As the moon increases in size, so too does the realisation of obtainment of the desire we have set about bringing into our lives ... if only it were that simple ...
In truth, it is however (and there is always one of these), in order for something to be manifested as to exactly our heart's desire, our intent must be clear, our ability to visualise strong and unwaivering, and time needs to be set aside for this to occur. 
Having said that, the new moon is still considered to be an auspicious time to create, develop, cultivate and make manifest new desires, projects.  According to some, this is because when the moon is new, the sun and moon are aligned in the the same sign therefore creating a powerful energy portal to open.

06 June 2013

Awakening the Self

Spiritual awakening to the true Self is one of the goals of many metaphysical pursuits. It is the path of leaving behind illusions of separation and identification with the mind, body and spirit for true knowledge of our oneness with the Divine. It involves an understanding of Self and the truth of the Divine. By fully accepting that the body, mind and spirit are intimately related, a person can transcend normal consciousness to gain an awareness of self and the surrounding Universe.