24 February 2013

February's Full Moon in Virgo

February's full moon will occurr this year on Monday, 25 February 2013, and according to astrologer, Jan Spiller, we will start to become aware of any underlying frustrations that we may be feeling in our relationships.  This is because the full moon be occuring in the sign of Virgo, making us somewhat more critical than usual.

12 February 2013

The Witch - a poem by C.S. Lewis

The Witch
by C.S. Lewis

Trapped amid the woods with guile
They’ve led her bound in fetters vile
To death, a deadlier sorceress
Than any born for earth’s distress
Since first the winner of the fleece
Bore home the Colchian witch to Greece—
Seven months with snare and gin
They’ve sought the maid o’erwise within
The forest’s labyrinthine shade.
The lonely woodman half afraid
Far off her ragged form has seen
Sauntering down the alleys green,
Or crouched in godless prayer alone
At eve before a Druid stone.

08 February 2013

Exploring the Wonderful World of Metaphysics

Ever since I can remember, I was curios about the world and all that is contained within it.  This curiosity led me very quickly into the realms of metaphysics, a term that was first coined by Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 to 322 BCE).  The result of combining two words: Meta (“over and beyond”) and physics (a science dealing with the natural laws and process, and states and properties of matter and energy), metaphysics is generally considered to mean “over and beyond physics”.