31 January 2012

Lughnasadh in the South

Each experience opens a window into ourselves,
into who we were, who we are,
and whom we are choosing to become.

This evening marks to commencement of Lughnasadh (at least by the Gregorian calendar), the first harvest, that being of the grain and corn.  And even though the actually harvesting of the grain crops here in South Australia occurred a month or so ago here in South Australia, Lughnasadh still marks a time to reflect on our own personal harvest - that which we have reaped and that which has not yet come to fruitation.

27 January 2012

Thoughts on the Southern Lughnasadh

As the sacred Wheel of the Year is constantly turning, this week will mark the Celtic festival of Lughnasadh for those of us south of the Equator, a word from Old Irish origins that referred to the first of the three harvest festivals, that being of the wheat and grain. The Irish origins of Lughnasadh are believed to be a funeral feast and games that Lugh held in commemoration of his foster mother, Tailtiu. She apparently died of exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland to enable to people to farm.

On County Meath, there is a small town called Telltown which is said to have been the first location of this commemoration, √Āenach Tailteann (as it was called). Not only where contests to determine the strongest and most skilled were held, but also marriage contracts were drawn up.

26 January 2012

Before the World Wakes

In the first moments of day before our mind is fully awake
can be a wonderful time for meditation.

Just before the coming of the pale rays of dawn, Mother Nature exists in a state of flux. Earth's energy is stable, free of the disordered vibrations that are a by-product of humanity's comings and goings. In these first moments of day, when the sun's golden light is only just peeking over the horizon, our animal mind remains in the land of slumber though we ourselves are awake.

13 January 2012

Second Anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake

Two years ago yesterday, 12 January 2010, the tiny Caribbean island and Haiti was rocked by a horrendous earthquake.  Little was mentioned about this and the fact that the island still remains in dire need of assistance due to the "failure of an international aid effort that never lived up to its promise, despite billions of pledged dollars" (as indicated in the following article).

I personally know of three people who have been to Haiti to help assist in the rebuilding, with one person still being over there.  A dear friend of mine, Manbo Paula, through her web site Vodou Sid Pasifik, details what the situation is really like, in particular for those who are living outside the main city of Port au Prince.  Her web site also includes a number of photos of the destruction that was caused during the 2010 earthquake.

In light of the recent Christchurch (NZ) earthquakes, as well as other major disasters that have occurred around the globe since 2010, the situation in Haiti seems to be slipping further and further from the minds of people, even despite an outbreak of cholera last year (believed to have originated from UN workers who contracted the disease in Nepal prior to being stationed in Haiti) where a further 6,000 plus people were killed.

12 January 2012

Friday the 13th - Lucky or Unlucky

Superstitions are interesting things - whilst we are not always sure of their origins or indeed the truth behind their ascertions, somewhere in the back of our consciousness we often are hesitant to dismiss them all together.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th - one of the most dread days of the calendar where bad luck is expected effect us all.  Is this a naturally occuring coincidence, or does it have something to do with an overwhelming global "thought" process almost willing bad luck to happen, willed on by the "Paraskevidekatriaphobics" (those people who are actually afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th)? 

11 January 2012

A Year has Passed

Lynne at Callanish (1994)
It is hard to believe that a year has passed (12 January 2011) since a dear friend and mentor, spiritual teacher and muse left this mortal coil to her spiritual homeland, that being Callanish, off the north western part of Scotland.

To read about this amazing and extremely talented woman that I was blessed to have met in the early 1990s, please refer to my previous blog posting, The Passing of a Celtic Amazon.

10 January 2012

Blessing of the Waters and Yemaya

Last night saw the annual Yemaya ritual held down at Grange, Adelaide that takes place around the first Full Moon of the calendar year.  With Adelaide going through a rather unseasonal "cold" snap, being only around 22C (as opposed to double that just over a week ago at New Years), I wondered if anyone would actually turn up.  Last year we had true beach weather, making it difficult to find a clear spot on the beach.  This year however we had no problems at all.

05 January 2012

The Truth about Priestessing

Whilst many people I know are returning to work after time off over the Christmas/New Year, with some lucky ones still having another week of holidays up their sleeves, those like myself have only had public holidays off which, as I am realising, is hardly time enough to recharge batteries.  Likewise, whilst prior to this break the Temple had our "Summer closedown" gathering, Temple duties and my work as a priestess has not ceased.  In fact I feel I have been busier than ever.

The Inner Court circled together up until the Summer Solstice which was shared with friends and those from the 2011 training circle that had already expresssed an interest in continuing their study with us.  This coming Monday evening, being the first Full Moon of the year, our annual Yemaya Blessing of the Waters rite will be taking place down at Grange Beach, and after that is our annual rite whereby the Temple covenstead is reconsecrated in readiness for the coming magickal year.  On top of this, there have recently been a number of circumstances where my role as a Wiccan High Priestess has been called upon by non-Temple members in order to help them with various issues.