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The new year saw the opening of LunaNoire Creations, my online store where handcrafted charms and devotional items are available for purchase, and where a percentage of each sale is donated to charity, in particular Fauna Rescue South Australia which looks after injured native wild life.
Used in a similar manner as to  Buddhist Mala beads or Catholic rosaries for prayer, meditation or devotional practices, these Goddess Moon Devotional rosaries come in two sizes: nine (three x three) or 13 focal beads each of white opalite, red coral and black onyx agate to represent the phases of the moon associated with the Maiden Goddess, the Mother Goddess and the Crone Goddess.  In between each section, specific spacer beads can be found.
At the end of the Goddess Moon Devotional Rosary is a final string consisting of seven beads (made from semi-precious stones and crystals) that are specific to a particular purpose.  The Goddess Moon Devotional Rosary is completed with a couple of beautiful silver charms.
Each Goddess Moon Devotional Rosary is handcrafted, so no two are the same.  Each rosary comes with an information sheet detailing the properties of the special purpose beads and charms used, as well as how to use the rosary in meditation and devotional practices.
The Goddess Moon Devotional Rosaries come with their own organza bag for safe keeping.

A variation on the Goddess Moon Devotional Rosaries are the Kuan Yun Devotional Rosaries dedicated to the Goddess of Compassion herself.  These are made up of lotus seeds/nuts, silver lotus and Kuan Yin charms, and finished with Malaysian green jade, lapis lazuli, rose quartz or amethyst.  The Kuan Yin Devotional Rosaries also come with their own organza bag for safe keeping.


Aids with Depression and Grief

An assortment of specific purpose stretch bracelets made from semi-precious crystals are also available through LunaNoire Creations
The bracelet on the left has been specifically crafted to aid with depression, feelings of melancholy and also grief, for the times when life seems to be too much.  It consists of amethyst, labradorite, aquarmarine, lapis lazuli and rose quartz crystals.  It is finished off the a silver Celtic Knot of Infinity as a reminder that life is indeed cyclic in nature and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Regain the Simplicity of Life
The bracelet to the right is a beautifully simplistic bracelet made from lotus seeds/nuts which is completed with a silver Om charm (a reminder of the simple things in life and the need to slow down in order to smell the roses every now and then). 
Below left is a specifically handcrafted bracelet to enhance one's psychic development whilst being able to ground and return to the here and now.  The semi-precious crystals in this bracelet include peridot, sodalite, unakite, tiger's eye and black onyx. 
Aids Psychic Development

Self Love and Respect
The beautiful soft rose quartz crystal bracelet (right) is highlighted with silver heart spacer beads and completed with silver hearts.  It is a reminder to cherish and honour our own selves through establishing and deepening that very important relationship we have with our own self.  This bracelet can also assist when we need that boost of self confidence as well as enhancing our self esteem.  The gentle nurturing energies from the rose quartz crystals is a constant reminder that we are worthy of the love that we so often and so readily provide others.
Internal Strength
For the times when we need to build up our inner strength and self confidence in order to face the world, or even a challenging situation, as well as getting through situations where we are faced with difficult and confrontation people, LunaNoire Creations has specifically handcrafted this Inner Strength and Protection braceletMade from tiger's eye, snowflake obsidian and black onyx, and finished with a solid silver lion charm as a reminder of the strength and internal power that we all contain within.  This bracelet can also assist during circumstances where we find that we need to define our own personal boundaries with other people.
Birthing and New Motherhood
The birthing process and journey into motherhood is far from being a "walk in the park".  LunaNoire Creations has an assortment of birthing and motherhood bracelets available, as well as being happy to specifically handcraft a bracelet for you.  The main stone of these birthing and motherhood bracelets is the "midwifery stone" malachite.  Other crystals that can be used include unakite, white agate, aquarmarine, amazonite, and rose quartz to name a few.  The birthing and motherhood bracelets are finished with three gorgeous silver charms - a baby's dummy (pacifier), a pair of tiny baby's feet and a heart representing the unconditional love bond established between the mother and her unborn child.
Specifically Made to Order
At LunaNoire Creations we are also able to specifically handcraft a bracelet to meet your own purpose.  Here we have two examples of custom order bracelets where the client desired something that would bring calming and stable energies into their life as well as enhancing self love and personal strength. Some of the crystals chosen included turquoise, fluorite, chrysocolla, and rose quartz.  The client chose the tree charm themselves.

 These ojo de dios ("God's Eye) charms that have been specifically crafted for specific purposes or to honour specific Gods and Goddesses.
As each ojo de dios is handcrafted, no two will be the same.  Each charm also comes with an information sheet detailing its potential uses and how to "activate" the charm.

Ojo de dios are available in a range of sizes - small, medium and large, with the larger sized charms also containing specific charms for the new owner to add as a means of "personalising" the charm to their own specific desires.
IMPORTANT: As these charms are crafted from untreated woods, if you reside outside of Australia, it is highly recommended that you check with your local Customs to ascertain whether untreated woods can be imported into your country.
Over the coming months, more handcrafted items will be added to LunaNoire Creations so please keep visiting the store.

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