Gathering Around the Cauldron

Commencing in the Spring (19 September), Gathering around the Circle will be held on the third Tuesday of the month and will be a semi-open practical working circle in which we will explore the mysteries of magic, ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft. 

Suitable for people of all experience levels, from beginners through to the more experienced practitioners, Gathering Around the Cauldron will be ideal for those people who desire to belong to a group yet are not interested in being oath bound.  As there will be a different focus each month, causal attendance is permitted however as there are limited places available, preference will be given to regular attendees

Some of the topics we will be exploring will include:
:: Metaphors, Archetypes, and Otherworldly Beings: Exploring the Gods of Witchcraft
:: Mirror Mirror: Crafting and using Magickal Mirrors
:: Sacred Symbolism and Divination: Exploring various forms of divination from tarot and oracle cards to runes, tea leaf reading and candle wax

:: Conjuring the Element of Air: Incense, Mental Magick and Sigils
:: Conjuring the Element of Fire: Candles, Flames and the Power of Passion
:: Conjuring the Element of Water: Cleansing, Baths and the Dream State
:: Conjuring the Element of Earth: Herbs, Crystals and the Power of Place
:: Conjuring Aether: Spirits, Powers, and Shifts of Consciousness
:: Magick of the Midnight Sky: Lunar Magick and Esbat Rites
:: The Arcane Stars: Planetary Energies and the Zodiac
:: Qabalah and the Tree of Life
:: The Seasonal Round: Moving through the Sacred Sabbats in Connection to Place
:: The Dark and Darker Arts: Offensive and Defensive Magick
and much more.

Dates for 2017:
19 September
17 October
21 November
19 December

and continuing throughout 2018.

:: Initial Joining Fee of $20 that will need to be paid prior to attendance via Paypal.
:: Monthly Attendance Fee of $20 to be paid on the night.

Venue:  Covenstead, Parafield Gardens

Strictly limited positions are available.

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