06 December 2017

The Wytch's Circle (2018 intake)

The Wytch's Circle is a five part intensive course on ritual, magick and the Craft that will commence on Thursday, 5 April 2018.

Specifically designed for those who have some knowledge of the magickal arts and who would like to put this knowledge into practice, as well as those who are seeking to gain a more solid foundation upon which to base their own magickal practice.

Beginners to ritual magick are welcome to attend however the design of this course is that it is not only a 101 course.

Within The Wytch's Circle the emphasis is placed on working ritual and the crafting of magick from a basis that encompasses the magickal, the mystical, the psychological and the spiritual.  This is done within a group format in order to create a magickal egregore.  Through the exposure of various magickal and esoteric techniques each participant will tap into and personally experience the true concept of "walking between the worlds". 

Experience for yourself the power of ritual and magick
that is experienced from The Wytch's Circle.

The Wytch's Circle course will include:

** Raising energy within a group context,
** Creating and working with a magickal egregore,
** Exploring Hermetic and ceremonial magick,** Creating sigil and image magick,** Walking between the worlds”,
and much more.

Venue: Temple of the Dark Moon’s covenstead, Parafield Gardens (address will be provided upon receipt of registration form and full payment)
Investment: $200 to be paid via Paypal.

To obtain the registration form for The Wytch's Circle, please email the Temple of the Dark Moon, ensuring that you include The Wytch's Circle in the subject line.

As there are strictly limited positions available, return of your completed registration form will secure your place.

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