03 September 2017

Gathering Around the Cauldron Meetings

After many months in the planning, I am delighted to announced that Gathering Around the Cauldron meetups will finally commence on Thursday, 1 February 2018.

Taking place on a fortnightly basis for an initial period of four meetings, Gathering Around the Cauldron is specifically designed for novices to explore the practices and philosophies of magic, ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft, as well as those who may have read a few books to gain experience by putting this knowledge into practical application. 

The underlying emphasis of what will be shared during the Gathering Around the Cauldron meetups will be placed on the Southern Hemisphere.

With many books and internet sites relating to mysteries of magic, ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft, it can often be confusing for the novice to ascertain whether such information is indeed accurate. Gathering Around the Cauldron meetings will centre around practical application – that is, the creation of ritual and the crafting of magic, as well as some basic theory with respect to ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft.

During the four meetups, participants will learn:
::  Introduction to the key philosophies found within contemporary Wytchcraft.
::  Creating a Sacred Space and building an altar.
::  Working with the seasonal Southern Wheel of the Year.
::  Raising and working with energy.

:: Understanding and connecting with Deity.
:: Exploration of the Four Elemental Worlds.
::  Working ritual as a group as well as solitary.

:: Fortnightly attendance fee of $20 to be paid on the night.

:: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Limited places available.

Gathering Around the Cauldron can be used as a precursor for The Wytch's Circle training course that will commence on Thursday, 5 April 2018.

If you are interested in being part of Gathering Around the Cauldron, please email Frances.

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