03 September 2017

Gather Around the Cauldron Meetings

Expressions of interest are being sought for the Gathering Around the Cauldron meet up that will commence in 2018.

Meeting once a month, Gathering Around the Cauldron will be a semi-open practical working circle in which we will explore the mysteries of magic, ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft with respect to the Southern Hemisphere.

Suitable for people of all experience levels, from beginners through to the more experienced practitioners, Gather Around the Cauldron will be ideal for those people who desire to belong to a group yet are not interested in being oath bound.  As there will be a different focus each month, causal attendance is permitted however as there are limited places available, preference will be given to regular attendees.

With many books and internet sites relating to mysteries of magic, ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft, it can often be confusing for the novice to ascertain whether such information is indeed accurate. 

The focus of Gather Around the Cauldron meetings will centre around practical application – that is, the creation of ritual and the crafting of magic, as well as some basic theory with respect to ritual and contemporary Wytchcraft.  During the course of the circle, participants will learn:

v  Introduction to the philosophies of magic and contemporary Wytchcraft.
v  Creating a Sacred Space.
v  The Southern Wheel of the Year – the sacred festivals for the Southern Hemisphere.
v  Raising and working with energy.
v  Creating specific herbal charms and magical talismans.
v  Blending magical oils and making incenses.
v  Writing and working ritual as a group as well as solitary workings.

And much more …


:: Monthly attendance fee of $30 to be paid on the night.
:: Every fifth attendance is FREE.

Limited places available.

More details will be made available over the coming months.

If you are interested in being part of Gather Around the Cauldron, please email Frances.

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