24 July 2016

Poppet or Attraction Doll Workshop

In his book, The Golden Bough: a Study in Magic and Religion, Sir James Frazer described a poppet as a  life-like figure or doll made to represent a person or animal and is used in ritual, magic and spell-craft to effect change through the application of sympathetic or imitative magic.

Sympathetic magic works on the principles of “similarity” and “associated contact” (ie, like attracts and effects like).  It is based on the belief that someone or something can be magically affected by doing something to an object in one place, that represents a person or thing in another place.  To achieve this a poppet is made as a representation of a person or thing and contains items associated with or belonging to that same person or object.  Once made and magically charged, any action performed upon the poppet, is thought to cause or effect a similar reaction on the person or object it represents.

The use of poppets and dolls in magic date back to ancient times and occurrences of their use have be found in India, Babylonia (Chaldaea), Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.  In ancient Greece for instance, poppets called “Kolossoi” were typically used to bind deities for defensive purposes to protect one’s village, home and family.  Today binding spells are commonly used and targeted at specific individuals to stop or prevent then from harming others.  The ancient Greeks however used binding to secure deity protection for public as well as private defense.  For example, the spirit of Ares, the God of War would be bound in a poppet, which was then placed in the village square to ward off invading enemies, thus preventing war.  Similarly other protective deities could be bound and the poppet buried near the home to protect buildings and family.

During the witch hysteria of the 17th century, at the infamous trial of the Lancashire Witches in 1612, Old Mother Demdike confessed and described the quickest way to murder someone by witchcraft as:  “…to make a Picture of clay, like unto the shape of the person whom they mean to kill, and dry it thoroughly:  and when they would have them to be ill in any one place more than another; then take a Thorn or a Pin, and prick it in that part of the body to consume away, then take that part of the Picture, and burn it.  And when they would have the whole body to consume away, then take the remnant of said Picture and burn it:  and so thereupon by that means, the body shall die.

On Saturday, 16th September 2016, a practical workshop on poppet (or attraction doll) making will be held for whatever purpose you desire - health and healing, protection, study, to gain employment, or even the removal of negative influences.

Investment: $70 (includes notes as well as materials for construction of your poppet including fabric, stuffing, herbs, crystals/stones, parchment paper, beads, thread/cord, charms, paint. Depending on purpose of your poppet, you may be required to bring additional personal items.)

Bookings are essential at there are limited places available.  These can be made through Paypal and close 10 September 2017.

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