24 July 2016

Meditations and Mindfulness

The practice of meditation has many proven benefits on all states of our being.  During this process the body's physiology undergoes a change in that every cell is filled with more energy.  This results in joy, peace, enthusiasm.

On a physical level, meditation lowers high blood pressure as well as the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks.  It helps to reduce tension-related pain, that includes tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems, as well as increasing serotonin production (that improves mood and behaviour), the immune system, and energy levels.

There are many mental benefits through the regular practice of meditation including promoting healing which the brainwave pattern reaches the alpha state which occurs during meditation.  Other benefits include the improvement in emotional stability, decreasing in the degree of anxiety, and increase in creativity and happiness.  Through regular meditation practice, the mind sharpens enabling greater focus, and the mind sharpens without any expansion that can cause tension, anger and frustration.  As meditation makes the practitioner more aware, their inner attitude improves, as does their overall happiness and enjoyment of life.

Through the regular practice of meditation, you can truly transform yourself.

Non-secular meditations will be held every Monday evening (except for public holidays) at The Goddess House (Parafield Gardens), from 7:30pm to 8:45pm.

Monday Night Meditations offer a great way to commence your working week with feelings of centredness, as well as being relaxed and focused. 
The primary purpose of these meditation classes is to develop and perfect the sacred art of meditation, being in the "here and now", becoming centred in the current time and place, and thus gaining deeper insight into our direction as we move through life.
These classes are non-secular however they do contain subtle metaphysical themes such as:
** mindfulness
** working with and energising your energy centres (chakras)
** aligning your auric bodies
** auric cleansing, protecting and strengthening
** deepening your understanding of the Universe
** expanding your spiritual consciousness
Cost: $10.00 per session

Venue: The Goddess House (located at the rear of a private residence, Parafield Gardens, Adelaide. If you would like to attend but do not know the address, please email Frances for details.

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