20 February 2016

Full Moon in Virgo

Next week's full moon appears to be a rather interesting one with astrology blogs accrediting it to be Housewives on Acid and a time to release your anger as the moon will be at its peak in the astrological sign of Virgo, the sign of perfection.
Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology advises us that "This Full Moon is a powerful time for those manifesting.  It can also be used for creating the means for you to be able to say bye-bye to people or situations that have been keeping you enslaved. Otherwise, after this Full Moon has peaked, the waning cycle will show up any cracks and defects in people or projects that you might have been ignoring."
She also points out that the Moon will be in tight conjunction with Ceres and Neptune, both of which are mind-altering and euphoric - Ceres is associated with the opium poppy and pain killers, while Neptune can be substances and activities that bring on trance-like states.  While they can both bring deep wisdom from mother earth’s memory, but they can equally let in trickster demons, especially on a Full Moon.
Jamie Partridge of Astrology King has renamed the triangle formed by the Moon, Uranus and Pluto, as "the Crossbow" because, to him, it looks like and also acts like one.  The build-up of tension from Uranus square Pluto arrives at the Moon, which then releases this conflict energy through the Sun. The moon (bow) launches the Sun (arrow) at a distant target.
The Crossbow aspect pattern represents a release of tension which has been building for some time. Although this aspect pattern represents a complex long-term challenge or conflict, it also gives the tools necessary to release the tension and deal with the problem. This is a dangerous weapon and should not be pointed at loved ones. Conscious targeting of the anger and frustration must be levelled at a punching bag or some external threat to your welfare.
He advises that this coming Full Moon will show us how to resolve an ongoing conflict or crisis by releasing anger.  Stress that has been building for years now due to the radical and extreme change of Uranus square Pluto can now be released due as this Full Moon marks an ideal time to do so with the Uranus Pluto square flexing its muscle one last time.
Nervous tension caused by emotional turmoil at the Moon can be worked out through the ego and personal goals. It is a matter or survival. The alternative to evolving due to the rapid changes of Uranus square Pluto is extinction. Better to release your anger on an enemy than harming yourself or a loved one.
Marina reminds us that manual dexterity can work ‘miracles’ during this Full Moon as by using our hands in such a manner we are able to purge ourselves and our environment from the build up of toxins.  Whether this manual dexterity be scribbling, strumming or "scrubbing the house like a mad person", we will find such action most beneficial.

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