30 December 2015

Honouring Brighid through Her Sacred Fires of Healing and Transformation

On Saturday, 6th February 2016 The Goddess House will be hosting a special event in honour of Brighid, the triple formed Celtic Goddess, Druidress and Saint, whose sacred day is 1st February.  While more commonly associated with spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Brighid's fiery aspect, relating to her inspirational, creative and transforming fires that we will be focusing on during this half day workshop.

Fire is one of the agents needed in the alchemical process that is reflected in the very landscape of this southern land as many native plants need fire in order to transform, to germinate.  Therefore, from drawing inspiration from the land we reside in, the goal is to transform (or at least obtain the keys to enable us to do this) via the fires of Brighid.

Due to the extreme weather often experienced around Brighid's sacred day (1st February), the venue of this workshop may change from being held at The Goddess House (Parafield Gardens, 20 minutes north of Adelaide's CBD) to a private residence.

The investment to attend this event is only $10.00. 

As there are limited places available, booking are essential and can be made through Eventbrite.
Venue: The Goddess House (Parafield Gardens)
Date/Time: Saturday, 6th February 2016, 10:00am to 1:00pm

Investment: $10.00
If you are interested in other Goddess orientated events that will be held in Adelaide throughout 2016, then visit The Goddess House .

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