10 November 2015

Getting ready for 2016 - the Year of Completion

It is hard to believe that there are only about eight weeks left of 2015 before the new calendar year commences.  2016 equates to "9" is esoteric numerology, the number of completion, rest and forgiveness before the new nine year cycle commences in 2017.  Completion and rest however does not necessary mean sitting around doing nothing - it also means undertaking (or finalising) all those things you have been putting off in order to begin to new nine year cycle afresh for when something is allowed to end, it makes way for something new and exciting to begin.
Within esoteric numerology, this new calendar year also equates to a year of karmic return.  This means that throughout 2016 we will find ourselves reaping the "rewards" of the seeds we have sown over the previous nine year cycle - the good, the bad and even the ugly.  Some numerologists have interpreted this to mean that we will see more relationships ending as it is "out with the old and in with the new" so to speak.  However, this may not necessarily to so for everyone - as karma presents itself to us, instead of ending a relationship, we may chose to use this opportunity to address a negative trait that in turn will enable to relationship to evolve into something stronger.  Naturally how you perceive and deal with the karmic "good, bad or ugly" will depend on how open you are to the universal energies that flow and change around us all the time. 
From a personal standpoint, you may even find yourself doing a bit of "cleaning house" during this new year in order to allow more opportunities to present themselves to you.  After all, it is far easier to change our own self than it is to change another person.
So, with there being only six weeks before 2016 dawns, now is the time to take time out to recall what seeds you planted at the beginning of this nine year cycle, that is in 2007, for next year will be the year that things will come full cycle.
Another aspect to next year being a "9" year is that of personal spiritual growth.  Within esoteric numerology next year is an appropriate year to seek out and undertake learning, knowledge and direction when it comes to your own personal spiritual growth. While this may seem to contradict the perception of 2016 being a year of completion, as the energies are effectively "speeding up", planting the seeds for the next cycle can actually be more beneficial if commenced during a "9" year.  Once planted, you will need to ensure, however, that uncompleted tasks and perceptions have been taken care of in order for the new seeds to grow strong.
In preparation for the new calendar year, the Temple of the Dark Moon has started to take expressions of interests with respect to the holding of various events, including The Wytch's Circle (six part course aimed to commence in the autumn of 2016), as well as one day workshops including Encountering the Dark Goddess, (to be held on Saturday, 7 May 2016), Climbing the Tree of Life (qabalah and ceremonial magick, to be held early April 2016) and two new one day workshops, Call of the Wild God (possibly held early July 2016) and Ladies of Avalon and King Arthur's Court (possibly held early September 2016).  
If you would like more details of these events and how to provide me with your expressions of interest, then that can be found here.  Once the required minimum has been received, then dates and venues will be confirmed.
The annual Yemaya Blessing of the Waters rite at Grange Beach has been scheduled for Saturday, 23 January 2016.  This event is free and open to the public.  Further details about this event and what you will need to bring can be found here.  Dates for the Full Moon Gatherings that the Temple of the Dark Moon hosts in Adelaide's beautiful Botanic Park will be made available in the new year.
Whether you wish to focus on finally bringing things to an end and tidying up lose ends, or planting seeds for the new nine year cycle, 2016 is the year to make the most of such actions.

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