25 September 2015

Passing through the Veil - Michael Howard (1948–2015)

Michael Howard (1948–2015)
The mysteries of eternity are known neither to you nor me
the enigma can be read neither by you nor me
behind the veil a discourse goes on about me and you
when the veil disappears there remain neither you nor me ...
(Oman Khayyam, Persian philosopher and astronomer,
1048 to 1131)
It is with immense sadness that this week saw the passing of Michael Howard, editor of the long standing premier Pagan magazine The Cauldron as well as author of over 30 books.  According to Xoanon, an independent publishing house who worked with Mr Howard, he died peacefully after a short illness.


Mr Howard was an author, folklorist, publisher, witchcraft authority, and Elder of the Cultus Sabbati. The Cauldron, which he first published in the 1970s, was renowned around the world for its articles on witchcraft, paganism, and folklore for over 40 years.  Mr Howard himself had the underlining ability to draw together different strands of practitioners enabling him to create many networks which endure to this day.  As such, this saw him become a member of a number of lodges, covines and guilds.  Something that was also reflected in The Cauldron.
Mr Howard's magical expertise incorporated many esoteric strands, from freemasonry to ceremonial magic, esoteric Christianity to British folklore.  His knowledge and understanding of Luciferian gnosis and magic was an instrumental force in shaping present-day cunning-craft. In the last two decades of his life, he devoted the entirety of his magical work to traditional craft, and was an exemplary practitioner and teacher.
The author of over 30 books, Mr Howard published on a variety of esoteric topics over his lifetime with his more influential books being Pillars of Tubal Cain (with Nigel Jackson), The Book of Fallen Angels, and Children of Cain. One of his more recent essays has only been published in my first edited anthology, Call of the God: An Anthology Exploring the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism, and as such, I had only forwarded Mr Howard a copy of this book prior to learning of his passing.
The passing of Mr Howard is a great loss to the global Pagan community, not only due to his magical and esoteric knowledge and expertise, but potential demise of another invaluable resource that he worked tirelessly towards, his magazine, The Cauldron.

The above post has been adapted from the memoriam that can be found at Xoanon who have indicated that they will be publishing some of Mr Howard's yet to be published works at a later stage in the future.

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