18 February 2015

February's "Super" New Moon

As we move the dark into the first slivers of the New Moon, being the closest New Moon of the year, Bruce McClure classifies this moon as a "super moon", a term more commonly associated with Full Moons as opposed to New Moons. 
A "super moon" tends to be so called due to its closeness to the earth and as such, a Full Moon super moon is brighter than average and is seen all night.  The super moon that falls during a New Moon however only appears during daytime hours where it is hidden in the sun’s glare.

The New Moon occurs at 11:17am on 19 February when the moon is only 29 degrees in the astrological sign of Aquarius. Ananur Forma advises that anytime a planet is at 29 degrees of a sign, this means it is time to learn the particular lessons that that sign brings.  In the case of Aquarius, these particular lessons can suggest we need to watch how attached you are to life being a certain idealistic way and if it isn’t that ... then it’s “wrong,” or “bad,” or “unevolved.”

Ananur Forma further advises that the Aquarian energy is rather visionary which is filled with innovative brilliant ideas for the future of humanity.  However there is a warning that this energy can be very judgmental if life is not happening fast enough in the “right” direction.  The most underlying importance to remember is obtaining peace of mind and compassion for all humanity and the time it takes to learn, to progress and to evolve.  It is time to think beyond our own selves and immediate community, and start thinking on a wider, more global scale.

Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology reminds us that during the New Moon confrontations between the old and the new can occur as this lunar phase is likened to that of "an innovator, the breaker of moulds and can be the collectives catalyst for change".  While successes can be brought through an experimental and inventive mind, the downside is that we may find ourselves becoming easily bored with the more domesticated aspects of our life far, thus seeking the need for novelty as this moon is in a constant state of flux.

As the lunar energies are now starting to grow again, now is the perfect time for planting new seeds and starting afresh from the blank canvas.  The darkness of the New Moon gives peace and tranquillity as our seed intentions take root and sustenance form the fertile earth below, and are then woken by the growing crescent moon as the days progress towards the illumination of the full moon.
As we set things in motion, there is no reason why we should not focus on larger scale projects which may not come into fruition for at least six months.  So if you want to make some radical changes, then now, under this New Moon, is the perfect time to to start something that will become innovative.

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