01 February 2015

February Full Moon

The upcoming Full Moon (that will occur on 3 February) will fall within the astrological sign of Leo, the Lion.

As Darkstar Astrology remind us:

“The energy is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This does not mean this Moon isn’t spiritual, it’s just that it doesn’t like bowing down to a Guru, or following established paths to enlightenment. This pioneering Moon will always prefer the road less travelled.”
The Full Moon is on the big bushy-tailed mother bear Ursa Major which of course is one of the constellations easily seen in the sky as the big dipper. Robson sees Dubhe as “destructive” yet 1st century Astrologer Manilus shows how this quality can be used positively. Rather than being destructive,  it tames those that could be destructive; “he will dispel the fury of the tiger, training it to become a peaceful animal, whilst all the other beasts which molest the earth with their savageness he will join in friendship to himself ”.
Looks like someone who can tame problem children and civilise those who are usually wild and unruly. Here we find Leo’s guiding, leadership qualities, since the bear stars are so close to the celestial pole which was always a sign-post for sailors.
Dark Pixie Astrology advises that with it being a Leo Full Moon, we may find ourselves being a little more dramatic as we show off how we are feeling, and despite emotional outbursts, it is the attention we receive that will boost our ego and address the attention we are craving. Just keep in mind however, that Mercury (the planet the guides our communication) is in retrograde).

As t
he Leo Full Moon trines (positive aspect) transit Uranus in Aries, we may find the desire to break out of the mould and do things differently during the influence of this moon.  Change can make us feel better and as such, we do not think too much about it.
For those who have a Leo Sun, Moon, or mid-Leo rising, you may feel the effects of this moon most.
Another rather interesting astrological site that I came across this morning is PSI Astrology who mention that with the moon "being placed in the sign of Leo denotes a strong demand for explicit appreciation and publicity" - something that can be easily obtained these days thanks to the power of social media.  As such there appears to  be a subtle reminder that while we have no control over the ways people may interpret our deeds and words, a degree of mindfulness in how we deliver these, especially during this Leo Moon, should be undertaken as if not, to consequence could be great.
Words are powerful and what is said can simply not be "unsaid" no matter how hard we may try.
For more about the power of words, please visit Susan Smalley's article.

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