05 December 2014

The Wytch's Circle 2015 - Registrations are now being taken

The Temple of the Dark Moon will be running an eight part practical (and somewhat intensive) course on working ritual and crafting magick from February 2015 (to be held on a fortnightly basis).

The 2015 version of The Wytch's Circle will provide participants indepth information into the beliefs and spiritual practices of Wicca (modern Wytchcraft) and Paganism through the use of ritual, magick, divination and much more.

The Wytch's Circle is specifically designed for both the complete beginner as well as those who have had some ritual experience (either solitary or within a group) and who are seeking more advance and indepth instruction.

Through the exposure of various magickal and esoteric techniques, the emphasis will be on working ritual and magick within a group format in order to create a magickal egregore that will enable each participant to tap into the true concept of "walking between the worlds".

Experience for yourself the power of ritual and magick
that is experienced from The Wytch's Circle.
The Wytch's Circle course will include:

** Understand the philosophies and "spirit" of Wicca and Paganism,
** Explore the concept of Dual Divinity (ie, a divine masculine, God, and a divine feminine, Goddess),
** Attune to the sacred seasonal festivals (referred to as "Sabbats"),
** Celebrate the luna rites,
** Raise energy within a group context,
** Create and work with a magickal egregore,
** Craft your own spells for prosperity, healing, peace (all materials provided),
** Walk "between the worlds”,
** Experience a Samhain rite with a working coven,

and much more.

As there are strictly limited positions available, registrations for this eight part course will close 10 February 2015 (or earlier if maximum numbers have been reached).

Further information about The Wytch's Circle can be found here which also provides the registration form that needs to be completed and returned to the Temple of the Dark Moon, as well as link to Paypal for payment (first two sessions must be paid in advance if the course is not paid in full).
Further information about Temple of the Dark Moon can be found on our web site.

Venue: Temple of the Dark Moon’s covenstead, Parafield Gardens (address will be provided upon receipt of completed registration form)
Investment: $20 per session (to cover the cost of notes, incenses, oils, candles etc) - discount provided if paid in full.

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