07 November 2014

Stepping through the Gateway

Over the last few months things have been rather chaotic here at the covenstead as various projects have been focused on and completed, interstate trips made to meet Craft elders as well as to attend conferences, not to mention rites of passages also being marked, and the finishing up of assignments prior to the Summer close-down.
One of the biggest projects to have been completed was the release of In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine, which marks to second book produced by TDM Publishers.  With over half of the initial order already sold, a second has been placed for delivery in the new year.  More details about how to order this book can be found under the above link.

The next project that already has commenced is the compilation of my first anthology, Call of the God: An Exploration of the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism, details of which can be found
Initially the submission call was going to end at the Southern Bealtaine (31 October) however as this didn't allow enough time for some who expressed a desire to contribute to finish their projects, the closing date has been extended to 31 January 2015.  Already an outstanding number and array of submissions has been received which is extremely humbling, however there is still plenty of time to submit contributions.
The Southern Bealtaine was marked with a picnic in the beautiful Veale Gardens in Adelaide with the maypole being erected in honour of the sacred union between the God and Goddess at this time of the year.  As we step through the seasonal gateway into Summer, the light part of the year, cét-Soman, or Samon moon, the opening of Samhradh with this Celtic fire feast.  Despite the glorious day had over the weekend, already the temperatures have decided to rise, reminding us of what is in store over the coming months.

As October made way for November, Mercury (the planet governing communication) finally righted itself again, and the somewhat erratic energies of the lunar eclipse that occurred around the October full moon, have slowly dissipating allowing the more practical, physical and tangibles ones that are associated with the Taurean moon to help ground us again.
As the calendar year comes to a close, and we are constantly reminded how many shopping days there are left until Christmas (as any religious signficance seems to pale by comparison), an opportunity to draw breath and reflect back over what has been an extremely and very productive year. 
Although the covenstead winds back for the Summer, plans are already in place with respect to the upcoming calendar year.  The date for the annual Blessing of the Waters event that occurs around the full moon each January in honour of Yemaya has been set, with preparations slowly taking place in the background.  Training and study schedules are also being considered as well as the possibility of magickal retreats and even a few interstate trips - life is certainly never dull.

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