26 August 2014

The Wytch's Circle - last chance for 2014

With the commencement date for the 2014 The Wytch's Circle just over a week away (Thursday, 4 September 2014), there are still a few vacancies however time is running out for those who are interested in registering for this four week intensive course as registrations forms must be received by 29 August 2014 and must include either the full cost of the course of the cost of the first two weeks paid in advance.
Through working in a group, participants experience how to create and work with a magickal egregore, as well as being exposed to various ritual formats and techniques from sources which form the basis of the Temple of the Dark Moon's own teachings - which are focusd around being Traditional Wicca, traditional Craft, the Qabalah and Hermetic (ceremonial) magick.

This course teaches students how to open themselves up to the Mysteries through personal experience. Students are also shown how to establish a solid foundation upon which they will able to base their own magickal practices.
Payments are to be made through Paypal or email to arrange for a direct deposit into my bank account.

Date: Thursday, 4 September to 25 September 2014 (7:30pm to 9:30pm)
Registrations Close: 28 August 2013
Venue: Temple of the Dark Moon's covenstead (Parafield Gardens)
Cost: $80.00 or $20.00 per week (with first two weeks paid in advance) (includes extensive handouts, candles, herbs, resins, oils, other miscellaneous items)

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