15 August 2014

Much Writings for the Gods

Spring has sprung and as the days are getting increasingly longer, it is had to believe that almost a month has passed since my last entry.  It is not as if I have been resting on my laurels - just that at times other commitments can take over, making finding the time (and the inspiration) to blog almost impossible.  Indeed, a great deal of activity has been occurring, with the fruits of these labours to to be coming to the forefront over the next few months.

This week saw the completion of a submission to a forthcoming anthology on the Egyptian Goddess Isis, as well as the nearly completed submission for another which will be focusing on modern Pagan lifestyles.  I am also in the final stages of proofing for my next book, and first about the Goddess, before focusing on a suitable cover design. And while all of this has been happening, I am also calling for (and starting to receive) submissions for the first anthology that I will be editing, about the Pagan God, and the exploration of the divine masculine within modern Paganism.

A copy of the submission proposal can be found here as well as here, however I am still seeking more original essays, poems and invocations, personal encounters, artwork, ritual, songs on the divine masculine himself or on various aspects found with Paganism as well as mythology. 

In my spiritual tradition, while the lunar round reflects the journey which the Goddess makes, it is the yearly round that reflects the journey of the God.  As such, honouring the Pagan God, the divine masculine, is just as important as the Goddess.  Yet, this does not necessary equate amongst the wider community the God's role as hunter and warrior, lover and healer, nurturer and destroyer etc tends to be overshadowed to mere consort of the beloved Goddess.

The proposed deadline is 1 November 2014 for me to receive submissions, with an anticipated released date for later in 2014 or early 2015.

So if you have written any esssays, stories, poems, invocations, rituals, drawn any artwork, created sculptures etc to represent how and what the Pagan God means to you, and would like to have the opportunity to reaching a wider audience, then download the submission guide as I am looking for as wide a represenation of the God, the divine masculine, as possible.

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