19 January 2014

Making the Most of a Respite from the Heat

There is no doubt that summer has arrived to the southern parts of Australia, and announcing its arrival, a heatwave that included Adelaide being confirmed as the hottest city in the world on Thursday, 16 January 2014, where the temperature peaked at 44.2C (111F).  Thankfully it did not reached it anticipated 46C.  However, in other parts around South Australia it did.
As I write this, a welcoming cool change has arrived but with it, the winds have pushed the heat, and indeed the fires eastward.

Ojo de Dios charms
Also on the 16th was the first full moon of year, and as such, the annual Blessing of the Waters in honour of Yemaya (an orisha/deity from western Africa) was held at Grange Beach.  Despite the day being rather humid, the onshore breeze was very refreshing and did not damped the spirits of attendees. Special wool charms known as Ojo de Dios (or "God's Eyes) had been created for this night so that attendees could take home with them the blessings of Yemaya.  All proceeds from the sale of these charms were to go to local non-profit organisation, Fauna Rescue SA Inc, who look after native wildlife.  The horrendous weather we have just experienced had kept many of these volunteers were extremely busy venturing out into the heat to rescue with animals who were not suffering, especially the bats who were reported as literally dropping from the trees.
My heart felt gratitude to all those who attended Saturday night's event and who extremely generously donated and purchased a charm. While the next public full moon gathering will not be taking place until April, it has been suggested that similar charms be made available, again with all proceeds going to Fauna Rescue SA Inc.  Additional charms (all made for specific purposes or as devotional items) as well as an increasing selection of devotional prayer/mala/rosary beads can now be found in my new Etsy store - LunaNoireCreations - where 30% from each sale goes to Fauna Rescue SA Inc.
For a number of years I have been investigating subtle names for the moons we get here in Adelaide, or indeed anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.  To call the first full moon of the year "Wolf Moon" (as recorded in American folk custom) seems rather ludicrous in light of the fact that wolves were never here in Australia.  Instead "Festival Moon" or "Summer Moon" have been names suggested.
On my way home the moon was rising over the hills to the east of Adelaide.  It appeared as a large glowing orb tinged in red, possibly taking on the colour from the fires that were still burning.  I frantically searched for a place to pull over on the express way as the sight I was witnessing was awe-inspiring.  While this photo does not do it justice, I decided to call this year's January full moon "Fire Moon".
With February traditionally our hottest month, there is a wait of nervous anticipation as to what it will bring. 

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