15 October 2013

Experiencing the Mystical Matters of the Ancients

In the currently available Spring Course Guide from Worker's Education Association (WEA), there is mentioned of my Mystic Matters workshop that is generating a number of queries.  So I thought I would attempt to provide some more information about this interactive workshop as the 25 word description only tells part of what the day will involve.

On Sunday, 27 October 2013 participants are invited to "step into the realm of the mystic and discover simply techniques to help improve your life".  There is also the opportunity to "create your own talisman adorned with sacred symbols, empower crystals, and undertake a candle protection blessing". 
There are four key parts of this workshop - looking at symbols and alphabets, exploring the use of specific crystals, preparing a specific talisman, and undertaking a candle blessing that can be used to protect your home.

The use of sacred symbols and language have long been used by mystics and shamans in the crafting of talismans, amulets, charms and the like.  Hidden prayers of blessings or protection written inside the covers of books or embroidered "decorations" onto clothing have also been used by "every day folk" for as long as there has been records kept (and even earlier).  Even commonly used symbols such as the cross, circle and triangle all have hidden meanings that will be explored during this workshop.

Likewise, the letters found within specific alphabets, such as the Norse runes, the Celtic ogham and even the Jewish Kabbalah, also hold separate meanings that can be used in creating charms of protection or healing, and that can also be used within specific meditations.

The use of crystals, from quartz lines in the stone mark sacred sites to crystal skulls, will be covered as human kind have always believed that stones, in particularly crystals, held a certain kind of “magic”.

Taking this above information, each participant will then be given the opportunity to create at least one personal talisman to assist then with whatever need they desire with the materials that will be provided on  the day.  This talisman will then be “empowered” and ready to put into "action".  There will also be enough materials for participants to create a further talisman (regardless of whether there is time on the day).

The final part to this workshop includes the sacred art of Candle Magic.  Humans have long been fascinated by fire with candles being used to for birthday wishes, prayers and much more.  Learn what the different colours mean, and how to bless and protect your home through the use of candles.

This workshop runs from 9:30am-4:00pm
The WEA is located in Angas Street, Adelaide.
Bookings through the WEA.

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