07 August 2013

Choose the Correct Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Amethyst Arch at Crystal Castle,
Mullumbimby NSW
There seems to be so much information available these days on a wide range of things yet often it is the case of reader beware.  With information commonly being repeated without any sources being checked or even with a personal opinion having been formed, errors can easily appear, especially if the information that has been relayed much like in a game of "Chinese Whispers" with important pieces missing.  In today's busy world, it is not always possible to constantly check sources and the validity of the information being offered, however, as a safe guard it does pay to make the effort to do just this every now and then - as even the "experts" can get things wrong. 

For the most time, at least from my experience, a discoverable error has not caused a disaster, but it can happen.  Recently I was contacted by a rather distraught person who cleansed their crystals "the usual manner", submerging them in water with some salt, only to find that this method actually ruined their wonderful piece of gypsum.
There are in fact a number of crystals that should not be "cleansed" in water - these are halite, sulfates (which includes gypsum), calcite and borates.  This is because these are considered to be "soft" crystals and being subjected to water can damage or even dissolve them.
For the majority of other crystals however, cleansing in water, especially flowing water, is fine.  Water is an universal cleanser and rather effective in the removal of negativity.  To cleanse your crystals in this matter, simply place them in a mesh bag or non-metallic container, and allow the water to wash over them.
There are many other ways as to how crystals can be cleansed, some of which are listed below.  Before you choose a method, ensure that you know the property of your crystal:
  • Smudging: Pass your crystal through the smoke of the smouldering herb (sage, sweetgrass, cedar, juniper, thyme) or rein (benzoin, a combination of myrrh and frankincense) a number of times. 
  • Bury the crystal in flowers or herbs: Place the crystal with some rose petals, honeysuckle, orange blossoms, hyssop, rue, bay, mugwort, rosemary, sage, yarrow, juniper or any other purifying flower/herb fro at least 24 hours, allowing time for the plant to dissolve any negativity while imbuing the crystal with their energy.
  • Expose to full  moon light: Place the crystal in a place where it will receive the light of the full moon overnight.  Some crystals can also be placed in the sunlight (from dawn to dusk) however the following should not be cleansed in this manner as extensive exposure to the sun will fade their colour: aquamarine, kunzite rose and smoky quartz, and fluorite.

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