19 July 2013

No Rest for the Wicked ...

Elphaba from "Wicked"
or even the Wicca, to borrow the phrase often used by Tim OzPagan.  And indeed not. In less than two months I will be heading off to the UK to partake in what is billed as Britain's largest Pagan Camp, which will be followed by me accompanying an Australian tour company on their West Country and Irish tours, before I head off for a quick dance around a few Scottish stone circles.

But that does not mean that things at the covenstead will draw to a close. With Mid Winter having passed, and as the heatbeat of the earth slowly increases, so does the planning process for the next calendar year.  This week saw the conclusion of the Outer Court circle that commenced in 2012.  After much soul searching and discussion surrounding all things within the cosmos, numbers within the covenstead are poised to swell upon my return, and swell again a few months later when we welcome back another from their sabbatical.

Until that time, however, there is still much to do.

With the coven nearly being at capacity, the focus for 2014 onwards will be turned inward.  This means that the remaining two workshops scheduled to take place this year will be the last of their kind of a while.  As such, details of The Wytch's Year and The Wytch's Round can be found here

"She" by Linda and Roger Garland
Instead, what will be offered will be based upon expression of interest.  An assortment of workshops that have been offered in the past on all things magical, mystical and metaphysical can now be found on the Temple of the Dark Moon's web site.  Once a minimum of interested enquiries have been registered, suitable dates will be set.  As indicated  on the web site, I am more than happy to bring a workshop to a venue outside of Adelaide should someone wish to organise this.  A minimum number of at least eight paid participants would be needed to ensure that my reasonable expenses will be covered.  If you would like this to occur, please feel free to contact me.

In addition to the above, I am being drawn back to pay more attention to The Goddess House next year and as such, am ascertaining the possibiliy to running a variety of circles and smaller workshops (2-3 hours) at various locations around Adelaide, commencing (I hope) with at least one full day workshop at a city adult education facility.  More details of about this proposed workshop, as well as Goddess events scheduled to take place throughout 2014 will be made available on The Goddess House site.

Amongst this hive activity, I am working on the prospect of securing a publishing contract for Dancing the Sacred Wheel which will then allow me to focus on the finalisation of the manuscript for my next book.  Now, wouldn't that be nice.

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