11 July 2013

An Indepth Journey through the Wytch's Year

The long awaited workshop that offers an in-depth journey throughout the eight main festivals, the "Wheel of the Year", of the modern Wytch's calendar.

Within some traditions of modern Wytchcraft, these seasonal festivals tell the story of the God (the divine male) through the annual cycles of life, death and rebirth. These cycles are all around us in nature as well as within our own being.

Through gaining a deeper understanding of each of these festivals (referred to as "Sabbats"), we gain not only a deeper connection to the world around us but also our place within the greater scheme of all things.
Through analysing the traditional myths and honouring the lands of our ancestors, we are able take the psychological meanings as a way of working with the land where we now reside.
On Saturday, 3 August 2013, we will journey around The Wytch’s Year, acknowledging the key aspects of these seasonal gates, journeying into the land of myth, and bringing some of the ancient folk traditions to life in this modern age.
We will also be making our own Cros Bride (Brighid Crosses) in honour of the incoming Spring, a symbol of strength as well as purification. 
Experience for yourself the power of ritual, myth and magic.

More information about the workshop can be found here:

Registrations and payment via Paypal can be done here.

Date: Saturday, 3 August 2013 (10.30am to 4.00pm)
Registrations Close: 27 July 2013
Venue: Temple of the Dark Moon's covenstead (Parafield Gardens)
Cost: $60.00 (includes handouts)

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