10 June 2013

Transformational New Moon Fires of Kali

New Moon in the
Southern skies
When the first sliver of the moon appears in the sky, it heralds the time for manifestation.  As the moon increases in size, so too does the realisation of obtainment of the desire we have set about bringing into our lives ... if only it were that simple ...
In truth, it is however (and there is always one of these), in order for something to be manifested as to exactly our heart's desire, our intent must be clear, our ability to visualise strong and unwaivering, and time needs to be set aside for this to occur. 
Having said that, the new moon is still considered to be an auspicious time to create, develop, cultivate and make manifest new desires, projects.  According to some, this is because when the moon is new, the sun and moon are aligned in the the same sign therefore creating a powerful energy portal to open.

Another use of this time is the act of transformation, casting away the old in order for the new to manifest.  Within the Hindu tradition, Kali Ma is the Goddess of transformation, whose primordial energy can be called upon, bestowing upon us the strength needed to cast aside negativity and to allow in the new energy of the new moon.
Offerings to Kali

Kali Ma is the primordial Goddess, the oldest of them all.   She is the great creatrix of life as well as the one who receives us at the end of our current incarnation.  Often greatly misunderstood in the West (largely to her seemingly confronting yet highly symbolic imagery), Kali Ma offers us a perfect opportunity during each new moon to cut away all that is destructive and non-productive in our lives.  In doing this, we make way for that which is creativity beneficial and energerising.
From the Mahanirvana Tantra it is written:

Thou are Kali, the original form of all things,and because Thou are the origin of and devourest of all things, Thou are called the Primeval Kali.
Resuming after dissolution Thine own form, dark and formless,
Thou alone remainest as One ineffable and inconceivable.
Attending a "Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment" (or "Fires of Life Transformation" as the event I attended on Sunday was called) is a powerful way to call upon the energies of this Goddess, during this specific time, to bring in all that is positive in life.  Whilst having an affinity with Kali Ma, this was the first Hindu ceremony I had actually attended and one which was led by local yogacharya Devidasan Giri.
Fires of Life Transformation
One thing that I have always felt amiss within modern Pagan practices is the use of chants as a way of forming a devotional bond between the devotee and the God, or as a means of entering into alternative states of consciousness.  Throughout the evening, under the guidence of Devidasan, we recited numerous mantras to Kali Ma, commencing with Om Sri Maha KaliKaya Namah is considered to be the basic Kali mantra strengthened by the words “Sri” (an expression of great respect) and “Maha” (great).

It was during the reciting of the Om Shakti mantra that as we chanted within the smoke filled room, breathing in the fumes from the various offerings that were blessed and placed upon the fire, I found myself rocking, whilst another attendee indicated afterwards that they wanted to get up and dance.

An idea of formed to construct similar chants to be used within our practices with the objective to deepen our connection and relationship with the Gods we serve in being priests and priestesses of our Pagan orientated tradition, and should we find ourselves stepping through the veils and becoing a voice of the Gods, then so be it.

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