09 May 2013

Tomorrow's Annular Solar Eclipse

Early tomorrow morning (10 May 2013) an annular solar eclipse will occur, crossing Cape York at the top of Australia. Solar eclipses occur when the new moon moves between the sun and the earth, the result of which is a shadow being casted.

Commencing at sunrise in Western Australia, the eclipse will move over Northern Territory in the region of Tennant Creek and cross Cape York before heading out towards Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Ocean. 

According the Eclipse web site, tomorrow's eclipse will "will intersect the path of the total solar eclipse of 14 November 2012 in the area of the west coast of Cape York and will cross the east coast to the north of Cooktown. The indigenous communities of Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw will have the highly unusual privilege of experiencing two solar eclipses within six months".

To find out how much of the eclipse you will be able to witness from your neck of the woods,
Astroblogger provides a chart on their web site.  Here in Adelaide the eclipse will commence around 7:09am and reach its peak around 8:15am.

According to Magical Recipes, the upcoming Solar Eclipse will occur in the "20th degree of Taurus where the fixed star Eridanus (the river) dwells. This star is considered highly fortunate for travels and education on the other hand, it is considered responsible for flooding and drowning. We may see these effects during the next days.

The day of the Eclipse is also marked by the moving of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite ~ Venus in Gemini leaving her beloved Taurus for more adventurous flirting and mental love."

Remember to take precautions when looking at the eclipse and DO NOT look directly at the sun as this can cause irreparable eye damage or blindness.

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