18 May 2013

May Full Moon Gathering and Hekatean Rite

Commencing in 2010, the "Rite of Her Sacred Fires" was initially conceived as a way in which the completion of the book project Hekate: Her Sacred Fires that was edited by Sorita d’Este.  During the first year this devotional rite to the Goddess Hekate was performed by literally thousands of people around the world - in private groups, by solitariesm and even in open events. 

On Saturday, 25 May 2013, the Temple of the Dark Moon will be incorporating this international devotional rite into our Full Moon Gathering that is held in Adelaide Botanic Park (off Hackney Road).  As our Gatherings ar free and open to the public so to is this event, save for some small requirement - all participants will need to bring their own RED candle that will be lit from the central sacred flame that has been dedicated to Hekate.

If you do not have your own candle, there will be candles available for purchase for only a $1.00, with the cost of each purchase going towards Fauna Rescue.
The link to the rite can be found here, free to download.

We meet in the carpark off Hackney Road, under the pine trees from 7:30pm and we will head into the park around 7:45pm to set up for an 8:00pm start.

Standard ritual etiquette is expected from all participants.  If you have not attended a Full Moon Gathering hosted by the Temple of the Dark Moon, this link may be of benefit to you.
Further information about the Temple of the Dark Moon can be found here.

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