24 February 2013

February's Full Moon in Virgo

February's full moon will occurr this year on Monday, 25 February 2013, and according to astrologer, Jan Spiller, we will start to become aware of any underlying frustrations that we may be feeling in our relationships.  This is because the full moon be occuring in the sign of Virgo, making us somewhat more critical than usual.

Virgo is the sign where "attention to detail" is important and in our underlyign desire to help others, we can become accutely aware of all the details of how other people are misbehaving and not living up to our own personal standards.  As such, frustrations can arise.  If you notice this starting to occur, Jan recommends to ensure that you consciously re-focus your attention on what is going "right"’ in the relationship as opposed to anything "wrong".
When the moon is full in Virgo, this means that the sun will be in the opposing sign of Pisces, the watery emotional sign that is ruled by Neptune, the planet named after the Roman God of the Oceans, which is also connected with the realms of fantasy and imagination.
Take care that responding to people, that your emotions are not overriding any decision making, especially when you find that plans suddenly change.  Likewise, be more sympathic and understanding should you notice others acting emotionally out of characater. Sometimes it is best to acknowledge that you recognize they are upset (use words like “I see this is upsetting you”), before continuing to share with them the bigger picture of how things are unfolding in that moment.
Irma Kaye suggests using the following affirmation during the upcoming full moon:
"I am aligned with my most optimum health; in body, mind and spirit. I am guided by the power of discernment regarding myself and others. I release judgment and allow things to *be* as they are."

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