14 January 2013

Training for 2013

Interest in this year's training, The Wytch's Circle, has been fast and furious however it is important to point out that regardless the number of displays of interest, no positions are actually held for this intensive one-day workshop until payment has been received.

Due to time constraints and other commitments, instead of the monthly meetings, training has been broken into a number of one day intensive workshops over which foundational material has been specifically allocated.  The focus of The Wytch's Circle for 2013 will be on practicl application that is needed for creating ritual as well as crafting magick.

Using the four main occult traditions that the Temple of the Dark Moon aligns with as a base, that being traditional (initiatory) Wicca, traditional Craft (pre-Gardnerian Wicca), the Qabalah, and Hermetic magick, participants of this workshop will learn the following:
  • Work within a magickal egregore (needed for group workings),
  • Raise and direct energy through a variety of techniques,
  • Gain indepth knowledge and understanding with respect to the specific tools used within the traditions mentioned earlier, and why they are used,
  • Create specific sigil and image magick ...

  • and much more.

    Cost: $60.00 (includes notes)
    Date: Saturday, 16 February 2013 (10.30am to 4.00pm). Registrations must be received by 8 February 2013.

    Strictly limited number of vacancies.

    More information about this workshop can be found here including links to the registration form and the Paypal option.

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